Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lazy Aliens

Someone told me that a good blog has lots of pictures to keep the readers interested and focused. So, in order to keep you interested and focused, I’m posting lots of photos today. First up, my tray of dirt:

Watch That Grass Grow!

It appears the workers have parked their excavator on the counter and are now sitting on the grass, drinking beer. It also appears the workers are actually aliens. Weird that.

No grass. Only aliens.

But since I’m supposed to keep you interested and focused and since my grass still looks like a tray of dirt, albeit with aliens, my sister Muschu’s grass is making a guest appearance on today’s “Watch That Grass Grow!” Hers is actually looking less like dirt and more like grass.

Watch That Grass Grow, Again!

Muschu is a poor student and can’t afford a fancy tray like me. That’s why, as any good college student, she’s resorted to shot glasses.

I’m going to finish this post with a picture of the flowers I bought for myself to celebrate Hump Day. Pretty, aren’t they? And expensive. Good thing M is usually the one buying me flowers, I couldn’t afford to keep myself with flowers.

I'm particularly fond of the wine in the background.

There. Are you interested and focused now? *


  1. I heard it's really important to talk to your flowers and Grass all the time - they like your breath or something.

    So...I talked a bit with my Grass today..and petted's nice..I would like to call it Melwin but I think it's juuuust a little bit weird naming your Easter Grass...

    But after talking to Melwin - he grew! All 8 of him grew!! He actually grew! And I had to cut him a bit! Now he's soooo beautiful! (still a bit sparse but sooo beautiful!!)

  2. Muschu - Yeah, not weird at all. You're a little special, you know that, right? Have fun with Melwin tonight. All 8 of him.

  3. Um....still waiting on that pie but the flowers are nice.

  4. ReformingGeek - Any day now, it's a slow-baking pie.

    Mike - So happy.



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