Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've Had Enough

The grass is giving me anxiety. It’s just sitting there.



Water me. Feed me. Play with me. I’ve invested every waking moment in that grass, and it’s killing me. When the sun moves, I move the grass. When it gets dry, I water it. When it feels lonely I sit with it, read to it. Play with little plastic toys with it.

Too much responsibility!

No water for you today.

Watch That Lousy Grass Grow!



  1. Don't tell anyone, but I actually felt pity for the grass and watered it, when Ziva wasn't watching. So don't worry, we'll raise it properly and make sure it gets a good start in its life. :-)

  2. That pie is starting to look funny. I no longer want any.


  3. Your grass has gone punk. You're going to have a hell of time reigning it back in when the time arrives for it to grow up and get a job.

  4. I wanna pley the game
    "Watch That Grass DIE!!!!"

  5. ReformingGeek - Just wait until I tell you about mämmi - you-ll never want to eat again.

    Mike - Don't I know it. I'm going to have to call around and use every connection I have to get him a job and he'll be ungrateful and resent me. Kids.

    Moooooog - Dude. I'm European.

    Muschu - Soon, dear. Soon.



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