Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soon I'll Have To Mow It

Today my little brother turned 14. I’ve spent the entire day at mom and dad’s place, cooking, baking, decorating the cake and then eating the whole thing. I’m pooped. Eating really takes a toll on you. I was so tired when M was driving home that I was daydreaming about my bed.

But then I came home and saw this:

Watch That Grass Grow!

Holy crap! Can you imagine how excited I was? There's grass on my tray of dirt! Not a lot, and it’s kind of yellow and looks a little diseased, but I’m sure it’s supposed to look like that. Anyway, doesn’t the pretty penguin make it look all nice and friendly? There’s nothing like a good penguin to make your diseased grass look friendly.

Super friendly, slightly crooked, grass with nice penguin.

Even though the grass grew a little today, it still feels pretty much like watching grass grow, so maybe we should spice things up with a game. Like a game of spot the foreign matter. Yesterday it was four lazy aliens. I already told you it was a penguin today, so obviously I made it too easy for you, but tomorrow I’ll hide something fun in the grass, and then we can play. Let’s hope the grass grows quickly, because this game will probably be a lot more challenging when the grass gets a little thicker… And higher. *


  1. Yay! I'm canceling my doctor's appointment Ziva. Everyone can see grass too!!!!

  2. Mrsblogalot - I'm so happy for you! It wasn't all in your head after all!

  3. YeeHaw! Chocolate pie with grass. Can't wait.

  4. I like the penguin. He looks friendly. Not Russian, I guess I would say. I'm with Mrsblogalot. I'm not going to work tomorrow so that I watch your grass grow. What fun!

  5. Why, lookie there, it's growing! LOL!

  6. ReformingGeek - The chocolate pie looks less like chocolate pie now and more like chocolate pie with a very weird mold problem...

    Mike - I actually think the penguin is Chinese. He doesn't have a name, but he's very friendly. And an expert grass grower.

    Me-Me King - I know, I never thought it would actually work!



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