Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stay Safe - Don't Drink and Blog

Don’t worry, my blog is supposed to look like this. I went blonde. I had a nice brunette thing going on with my blog, but then I decided it was just too dark and gloomy, so I went blonde. I once did it in real life, and that didn’t end very well, but I’m hoping my blog can pull it off. The only thing I’m concerned about is that I’ve had a couple glasses of wine, and I’m not sure my judgement is where it’s supposed to be. I think it might lie in the gutter somewhere, along with my brain and the better part of my sanity. Also, someone should really light those little cute birds up there on fire. That would say “inferno” in such a nice way.

Someone needs to design a breathalyzer for the computer. If your blood alcohol level is over the legal driving level, chances are your judgement is impaired and you shouldn’t be using Facebook. Or re-designing your blog.



  1. Ziva, I love you as a blonde!!!! That drinking does a bloggy good!!!

  2. I just assumed the birds were fleeing from a raging car fire. I think everybody will get that--unless they're complete idiots. Or sober. Some blogs are not only better written drunk, they're better read, too.

  3. Not bad. Easy on the eyes.

    Wait. I mean the blog. Really, the blog.

    I wasn't talking about Kiefer Sutherland. I promise.


  4. Mike - Oh, I'm so happy you saw the car fire behind the fleeing birds. I wasn't sure it was obvious enough.

    Like reading my blog, most things are, in fact, better done drunk. I really should be drunk more often.

    ReformingGeek - Uh huh, sure you did. ;)



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