Sunday, March 31, 2013

Board Games, Snow and Little People

At the end of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing, (which may or may not have killed my will to ever write again and completely alienated me from the entire blogging business for an entire month), P.J. decided to throw out another challenge, in the process making himself persona non grata with just about every sane blogger out there. Not me, though, because I am decidedly not sane.

Anyway, P.J. suggested a photo challenge. One theme, one month, five photos. Today is the last day of the month, and the theme P.J. gave us on the first day of the month was "My World".

I didn't set out to take any specific photos with the challenge in mind. In fact, I deliberately tried to forget all about the challenge and just take photos. I figured any photos I took would inevitably fall into the category of "My World", so my only objective this month was to actually carry the camera around with me. Today I finally sat down with the photos I've taken this month, and here are now five photos of things that were all part of my world in March.

At the beginning of the month, M and I decided to play board games. It was a lot of fun until M won and I threatened with divorce. I'm not the best loser...

I've also done a ridiculous amount of baking, and these were definitely a favorite of mine. And M's.

March was incredibly cold and wonderfully sunny in Finland. This next photo was taken at sunrise, around 7:23 am while I was driving to work. It was -20 C (-4 F) and birds were singing. Add some warmly dressed dwarves and it could've been a Disney movie.

I also visited my grandparents, and took the opportunity to take this photo of my 92-year-old grandfather.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the one thing that just would not die. Snow. Tons and tons of it. The past few winters have been so snowy that in the snow dumping sites there is vintage snow from three years back. I am convinced 2013 will be the year when winter wins and spring will never arrive.

That's all for now, folks. Go visit P.J. for a list of anyone else who took five measly photos in March. *