Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Under Construction

No grass yet. But it appears that someone is working on it so I’m sure we’ll be watching the grass grow any day now. And they look like really hard workers; I bet my grass will be better than everyone else’s grass.

Watch That Grass Grow!

In other news, M and I are now having all our conversations on yellow post-its on M’s breakfast chair. If he leaves it out, I’ll write “Evidence #...” and if he remembers to push it in, he’ll write “I love you honey”. Can you tell which one of us is the adult? *


  1. This is more fun than....well, than watching the grass grow! ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, that pie is starting to cook.


  3. What if I see grass? Is this a trick?

  4. Me-Me King - I know, right? The first thing I did this morning was check on the grass. I lead a very exciting life.

    ReformingGeek - I bet I'll wake up to the nice aroma of baking grass pie tomorrow. Heaven..

    Mrsblogalot - Are you talking about those white little dots? Cause I think that's dust. There's definitely no grass yet.

  5. There's definitely dust going on....

  6. Muschu - I should probably clean the apartment, huh?

  7. ja har din mopp här nu! o ditt ämbar! din trasa ha ja tappa... vet int var den e... o fattar int hur den ha försvunnit heller!! men ja köper en ny trasa...flåt...

  8. Muschu's comment according to Google Translate: yes, your mop here now! o your buckets! your cloth be so loose ... do not know where the e. .. o include int how to have disappeared also! but yes buy a new cloth ... Flåt ...

    Muschu's comment in actual translation:
    I have your mop here now! and your bucket! I lost your rag... i don't know where it is... and I have no idea how it disappeared either!! but I'll buy a new one... sorry...

    Muschu - Don't worry about the rag. You can make it up to me by mopping my floors. Thanks.



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