Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's Bridge

You know that today’s outfit thing that fashion bloggers are so fond of doing? I’m thinking about doing the same thing here. Except instead of today’s outfit, I give you:

Today’s Bridge

Photograph by Jonas Westerlund

It’s still collapsing, just kind of slowly. Which is a bummer, nothing exciting ever happens where I live. At least the bridge could have gone down with a big splash.

But speaking of exciting, M and I are off to the concert with Kent. I told M this morning that I’m wearing my best bra today, so I’ll be able to charm the lead singer. M said I’m getting laid for sure. Score! *


  1. 3 weeks and five days from now, it will finally fall. The bridge, I mean, not your bra. Although I guess your bra could fall then, too. Would that be exciting where you live, or just another day in the life of?

    This turned dirty.

    I'm out...



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