Friday, March 5, 2010


I had big plans for tonight. Huge, in fact. M and I had tickets to see Kent in concert in Helsinki. Kent is a Swedish band that usually sings in Swedish, but a couple of the albums were released in English as well. They sound a little bit like this:

They’re known for their unique sound and their weird lyrics. And M and I are huge fans. Tonight we were going to drive to Helsinki and have the best time ever. But apparently Kent aren’t just tripping when they’re writing their lyrics, but also when they’re planning their mode of transportation.

Any idiot could have figured out that with the Baltic Sea looking like this…

…they probably shouldn’t take the boat. As it is, over 50 ships and ferries are stuck in the ice. One of those is Viking Isabella, where all of Kent’s instruments and equipment is currently busy standing still at sea.

As of right now the concert is rescheduled for Sunday. I’m trying to see it as a good thing and make the most of the situation. I’ve done three loads of laundry today, because after going to see a live concert, laundry is the next best thing. And I’m going to make tonight into sauna night and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have time to lose 10 more pounds before Sunday so I can wear my skinny jeans to the concert. A girl can dream, right? *


  1. Wow, I was unfamiliar with Kent until now. I really liked the video.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Laundry is great, isn't it? I mean, if somebody else is doing it for you. If not, then it sucks worse than being stuck in the ice in the Baltic Sea. Unless you were planning to see Kent in Helsinki and they're stuck on a ship that's stuck in the ice. Then that's the worst thing of all. Unless you don't have a ship and you're just stuck in the ice, peeing all over the only clean clothes you've got because you can't move on account of the ice and you're desperately wishing you were stuck inside a dryer instead of the frozen sea because at least it's warm in a dryer, and it's better to die warm than it is stuck inside a bitterly cold, slightly yellowed ice cube. That's my opinion, anyway. You might think differently being European and all.

  3. really liked the vid. i shall check out more of their stuff.

    amazing photo, to think of all those boats stuck. I hope you / they get there for sunday!

  4. Me-Me - I love Kent, and they're weird in the sense that you kind of have to listen to the songs a few times before you realize how great they are. Try "Stop Me June (Little Ego)". It's a favorite of mine.

    I'm happy you stopped by, have a great weekend!

    Mike - No, I agree... Europeans particularly dislike being stuck inside a slightly yellowed ice cube. But I'm confused. Why wish to be stuck inside a dryer, when you could wish to be unstuck in, say, a volcano? Or, even better, stuck ON the ship with Kent. Private concerts all around. And no peeing. At least not much.

    lettuce - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be here on Sunday, because I really, really want to see them in concert. Ice be damned. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ziva, I just wasn't thinking clearly. You're right, a volcano would be much better. Or being on the ship with Kent, although I hear those guys are little handsy, if you get my drift.



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