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Warning! Today's post is a fictional story containing adult themes. If you think this might offend you, I suggest you stop reading now. -Ziva

She lost it on the dare.

Her eyes were riveted on his black ones. His face was mere inches from hers, his lips so close they shared the same breath. Sexual tension hung heavy in the air, the warmth of his body affecting her ability to think straight. He spoke without hesitation, and the authority in his voice made her shiver.

“Fuck me.”

Up until that point, they were just two friends having a good time. They had given up on becoming a couple a long time ago. They were friends and co-workers, never lovers, even if she privately regretted it. She was engaged to Joseph now. They loved each other, and they were making it work.

When she’d told him the news, he’d acted strange at first, but then he just seemed to accept it. No declaration of love. No he-is-the-wrong-guy-for-you speech. Nothing. They’d just slipped into a comfortable friendship. Gone were the innuendos, the touches and the flirting. Until today. Until this friendly game of truth or dare.

It had started out innocently enough.

“Truth or dare?” he’d asked, a smile on his lips, his long fingers playing with his wine glass.


They were sitting on the couch, close to each other, but not too close. He was slouched back, relaxed, and she was mellow and happy from the wine.

“When, where and to whom did you lose it?” he asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know the answer to that one. It was Joseph, at a party, when I was seventeen,” she said with a smile. She had the urge to add with the candlestick, but she doubted he’d ever played Clue growing up.

“I knew the answer, I just wanted to start you off with an easy one.” he smiled.

“My turn. Truth or dare?”


“Same question.”

He chuckled.

“I was fifteen. It was the girl next door and it happened in my own bed.”

To her surprise, she felt a sudden prick of jealousy towards the girl next door. Ignoring the feeling, she took a sip from her wine and continued the game.

“Your turn, I choose truth.”

“Was it worth it?”

She didn’t understand what he meant and probably looked confused, because he continued.

“Losing it to him, at that party. Was it worth it?”

Who was he to ask her that? Annoyed, she turned her head to look at him. His hair was down, brushing his shoulders in silky strands. He was wearing a black t-shirt and washed-out jeans. He looked good enough to eat, and she was suddenly very aware of that. He had an unreadable look in his eyes, and she felt her annoyance melt away.

“No.” I’d rather it had been you.

“Truth.” he said before she could ask.

Suddenly, she needed to know. “Do you ever think about me?”

His answer came immediately. “All the time.”

She felt a shiver run down her spine and regretted asking the question.

“Truth or dare?” he asked, pinning her with his look.

She hesitated. The atmosphere had changed and she wasn’t sure she could, or even wanted to answer another question. His previous answer had stirred up old feelings inside of her. Feelings she thought were gone a long time ago.


“Do you think about me?”

Of course. “Sometimes.”

“Truth or dare?” She asked, even though she knew she needed to end this game. It was a game she couldn’t win.


She hesitated. “Why didn’t you say anything when I told you I was going to marry Joseph?”

“I wanted you to make your own decisions. I didn’t want you to give up on the real thing just because you had some stupid crush on me.”

“It was never a stupid crush.” She whispered.

“Then what was it?” he asked softly.

She looked away; overwhelmed by emotion. She was pretty sure the answer to his question was love. She had loved him then and she loved him now and for some reason that broke her heart.

“Truth or dare?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

She really wasn’t sure she wanted to play anymore. The game had turned from a friendly game to something else. Something that had nothing to do with her and Joseph and the engagement and had everything to do with her and him and the unexplored feelings she was having towards him.

“Truth.” Her voice sounded strangely far away. She felt like she was watching from somewhere else.

“Are you happy with him?”

Up until an hour ago she had truly believed she was happy with Joseph. They had a nice, comfortable relationship. But now, now she didn’t know what to think anymore. He was awakening feelings inside of her that went beyond mere lust. This was desire on a deeper level. She wanted him, and she wanted him badly. She wanted him not only in her bed, but in her life. In her heart. It was a question she was not ready to answer. So she lied.


“Liar.” His lips were quirked up in a knowing smile.

“Truth or dare?” She asked, ignoring his accusation.


“Will your life ever lend itself to a relationship?” She threw his own words back in his face and felt a flash of satisfaction as a brief look of hurt flashed across his face.

“No.” he said, shaking his head. “But I would give it a try.” he added, and she could hear the truth of his words.

She drew a sharp breath, the muscles in her lower abdomen contracting at his words, instant arousal flaring through her body. She was so mad at him, but at the same time, the attraction was eating her alive. He had no right to tell her he’d be willing to try a relationship when she was already engaged to another man.

“Truth or dare.” he asked, daring her to stop the game.

She was scared, angry, nervous and aroused at the same time. She was feeling too much, and she needed to stop this game before things got out of control. Realizing what she’d just thought, she mentally shook her head. Things were already out of control. At least out of her control. She was on the road to disaster, and she didn’t have any brakes. Intellectually, she knew that she could just ask him to leave. Emotionally, she knew that she would never do it. So she played.


“Do you wish it was me?” he asked, leaning forward, dark eyes never leaving her. “Do you wish it was me who put that ring on your finger? Do you wish it were me in your bed every night? Do you fantasize about it being me?” his voice was rough with something she couldn’t place.

Her breath caught at his question. The images of him in her bed from that one magnificent night were vivid in her head and she felt her breathing turn ragged, lust curling deep in her belly.

“I changed my mind. I choose dare.” She whispered, her voice breaking.

He moved with the grace of a big, dangerous cat. He had her pinned to the couch in a matter of seconds, his hands on either side of her head, his weight pressing her down. Her eyes were riveted on his black ones. His face was mere inches from hers, his lips so close they shared the same breath. Sexual tension hung heavy in the air, the warmth of his body affecting her ability to think straight. He spoke without hesitation, and the authority in his voice made her shiver.

“Fuck me.”

He knew he had her now. He knew she wouldn’t tell him no. She knew now that she had made a mistake when she agreed to marry Joseph. This was where she was meant to be, with him. They were at the point of no return, and she lost it on the dare.

This post is part of Nicky and Mike’s 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge. Today’s prompt is Unintended. Go check out We Work For Cheese for a list of the other participants. *


  1. Sorry I can't leave a comment. I just stripped all my clothes off and jumped in a snowbank.

  2. Wow, I think there is steam rising from my monitor. That is fantastic writing.

  3. mikewjattoomanymorningsFebruary 13, 2013 at 10:35 PM

    I absolutely love the crackling sexual tension and carefully crafted, slow-building gamesmanship in this short story, Ziva. You've outdone us all in the competition and walked away with first prize, which, if I remember correctly, was yours in the first place.

  4. mikewjattoomanymorningsFebruary 13, 2013 at 10:35 PM

    *takes John's clothes while he's not looking and sneaks away*

  5. Hehehe, this is going to be so much fun when he realises they're gone.

  6. Thank you, Linda! I hope your monitor survives the damage. ;)

  7. Why yes, yes it was, i stole it from Nicky at the beginning of the month, but don't tell her that.

    Anyway, thank you, Michael, this is such a great compliment, especially coming from you. :)

  8. I'm rather speechless. That is an amazing piece, Ziva. I wish we all had a videocam poised on Nicky when she reads it!!!

  9. Sizzle. The cat is panting.

  10. Better not let the cat out for the night...

  11. Oh, believe me, I have one... ;)

  12. Ziva Ziva Ziva! This is fantastic and amazing. I'm stunned at your talent, your brilliance, and that you didn't marry Joseph.

  13. Wow, had to turn on my fan to cool down from that one!

  14. Hot damn! That was fabulous. I am genuflecting to you at this very moment. Don't change one word of this story. You have crafted it perfectly!

  15. As someone that tends to move gracefully, like a fat cat that is mildly dangerous and smells fish...hold the phone,

    DISQUS seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?


    Anyway, I move faster than DISQUS and I'm not fat, just bloated from cheese.

    This reminds me, I was going to participate in some way, shape or form and you've inspired me to, the dialogue and tension here are terrific, absolutely loved the intro!

  16. holy cow..... *fanning myself* do you have anything like this published because I would buy it in a second! That is the kind of writing that when you get to the end you feel bereft and sad that it's done.... you need to finish this Ziva... AND let me know so I can read the rest of the story!

  17. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY and you have the F word in it!

    ha ha in all seriousness.... this is one amazing piece of work. AMAZING.

  18. Oh Linda, thank you! And you know, Joseph just wasn't right. ;)

  19. Heh, I'm glad you liked it, Tami! ;)

  20. Genuflecting? Holy crap, that's certainly never happened to me before! Thank you, Malisa, I am really glad you liked it.

  21. A fat cat that smells fish? :D You're nuts, Mo. But I am really happy that you've decided to participate. I recommend Day 20 - The Other Shoe. Lots of potential in that one. ;)

    And thank you, I'm really glad you liked my post. ;)

  22. Ziva, this was amazing. Beautifully crafted, very real, wonderful interaction and emotions, and it flowed beautifully to an amazingly sensual and sexual conclusion that made me want to cheer. This is the standout piece of the challenge for me; I have nothing this good. Indigo x

  23. Oh my, Barb, you know exactly what to say to make me smile! I'm afraid the next part of the story might take a rather explicit turn. ;)

  24. Oh yes, pretty naughty, I have to admit. But a lot of fun to write. ;)

  25. and what would be wrong with that??????

  26. Hah! Give me a day or two and I might email you the uncensored version. ;)

  27. OMG you should have also put the NSFW tag along with that disclaimer because somehow I am now naked. And I'm still at the office.

    Seriously, this was great. Your best yet.

  28. Fabulous! Just fabulous! That's all I can say!

  29. Ziva, this was amazing. Beautifully crafted, very real, wonderful interaction and emotions, and it flowed beautifully to an amazingly sensual and sexual conclusion that made me want to cheer. This is the standout piece of the challenge for me; I have nothing this good. Indigo x

  30. This is a beautifully crafted story with all of its angst and tension and sensuality. I love the repetition of the language at the beginning and the end of the story. Really outstanding writing, Ziva.

  31. So, uh, yeah. It was well written, for sure. Interesting way to connect the beginning and end.

    Anyone else feel like it should end with a cigarette? (and I don't even smoke)!

  32. Oops! Please tell me someone took a photo?

    And thank you. :)

  33. That's all I ever wanted to hear. Thank you, Boom Boom. ;)

  34. "Cheer"? Is that what they call it these days?

    Seriously, though, thank you for the amazing comment, Indigo. You're a liar, of course, my posts can't compare to yours, but I appreciate the compliment nonetheless. :) Thank you.

  35. Thank you, KZ, that's such a nice thing to say. :)

  36. Hah! Thanks, P.J. I'm glad you liked it. And yes, I think a cigarette might be in order. Just this once. ;)

  37. *lies back on the pillows with a satisfied smile on her face, lights up a smoke and prepares to read again. And again. And again.*

  38. Would you mind if I joined you?

  39. And I definitely need to smoke a cigarette now!

  40. I have just become a big fan of you.


  41. p.s. Just added you to my blog roll.

  42. Thank you, Pearl, that's such a great compliment. :)

  43. Ohh! Thank you! :) I've loved what I've read of yours, and will be doing the same.



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