Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Photographs III: Outtakes

Day 31 of 30 Days of Photographs III. Positively Kafkaesque, don't you think? Day 31 is for those of us who just can't let go. We need that one last ride on the roller coaster - the one that finally makes you throw up all over your new shirt. Link up if you enjoy punishment.


This time around I actually don't have a lot of outtakes. I spent the entire month frantically taking photos the day before the prompt was due, not really planning ahead or taking many extra photos. But I'll see if I can find a few bloopers, just for you.

I took tons of photos for autumn, photographing leaves, flowers, pumpkins, anything I could get my hands on. In the end I of course went with snow, the least autumny thing EVER. I'm smart like that.

This stranded and broken buoy was a candidate for broken, but in the end I went with a completely unbroken puppy. I'm smart like that.

For bullshit I wanted to take a photo of Mike's spiel, which he told me was bullshit, but that didn't work out...

...then I took a photo of a silver bull. But in the end I went with a completely unrelated floating wine glass. I'm smart like that.

For rules, I actually had a photo of rules. The text on this sign tells people in both Swedish and Finnish that it's prohibited to throw trash into the sea. But in the end, I went with a photo of a crop. I have no idea what I was thinking there.

My stalker, Darth Vader - Ultimate Stealth Cat.

This was one of my options for underwater, but I felt it was too blurry, the quality of the photo just way too bad. But it works as a blooper.

But mostly... I just spent the entire month taking lots of photos of this little cutie.



  1. Wow, Ziva, even your outtakes are gorgeous. Love the stealth cat.

  2. Ziva your outtakes are better than most of my pics!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and wanted to thank you and Mike for allowing me to participate. It was nice to meet new people and make some new friends! Please drop me a line the next time you plan another challenge!!! :D

  3. my favorites? the pumpkin that looked like it visited the Monkey Bar here in Florida and Darth Vadar...too cute...but most of all I love your quips about the photos...very funny. Will miss this challenge and the incredible writing and humor of the participants.

  4. Thanks, dufus! You never know where that cat will be lurking.. I've even found him hiding in my underwear drawer.

  5. Thank you so much, Barb! We'll make sure to let you know when we get bored enough to do it all over again. ;)

  6. The participants and their amazing sense of humor really are what makes this challenge so much fun. I think even MikeWJ will miss it a little bit. ;)

  7. mikewjattoomanymorningsOctober 31, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Damn, you beat me to it, NoName.

  8. mikewjattoomanymorningsOctober 31, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    I'm already bored.

  9. mikewjattoomanymorningsOctober 31, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    Who, me? Naw. I've already moved on. I'm a ramblin' man. Can't tie me down. I just love 'em and leave 'em. It'd be hard for a normal person, but I've got no heart. Don't feel a damn thing.

  10. mikewjattoomanymorningsOctober 31, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    That photo of Pepsi? Way too cute, even for a kitty photo. I mean, seriously, just when I think there can't be another cute photo of a kitty in the world, you go and post something like that? It's mind-blowing.

    But the photo I don't understand is the Underwater photo. What is that? It looks like some illustration you'd see in a sex-ed class. Yes, I'm aware that everything looks like a sex-ed illustration to me. But that one really looks like it. I can't make heads nor tails of it.

    I love the cute like pumpkin, all orange and yellow against a cobalt blue background. And your leaves, and your Peeping Ziva photo, although I'd like to see the rest of the shots in that series, believe me.

    You're an amazing photographer, Ziva, and my mostus favoritust co-host for 30 Days of Photographs. I can wait until next time. Really, I can.

  11. These are GREAT, Ziva! Just great! And I can't thank you enough for hosting this challenge again. I had a wonderful time. You rock. XOXO

  12. Thank you so much, Meleah! I had such a wonderful time, too, the comments are just hilarious. :)

  13. Okay, here's the scoop on underwater. I took a wine glass, filled it with water, poured some oil on top of the water so it made a layer of oil, right? Then, on top of the oil, I slowly poured some milk. As the milk sank through the oil into the water, it created these swirly cloudy things. Then, I just turned the photo upside down, and made it B&W. Easy. :D

  14. Cool! I thought it was a bald man smoking. *looks for his toupée*

  15. Hey Ziva! The autumnal shots are lovely, and I'm still grinning over the pumpkin. Vader under the mat is priceless, too. Hey, wait. I though the Cat Sat ON the Mat? Thanks for running this freakshow, Z, it's been wonderful. Indigo

  16. Thank you so much, Indigo. It's been a pleasure to have you participate in your own rule-breaking way. And hey, if you can convince the cat to behave like a normal cat, you can have him. ;)

  17. That pumpkin, your cat, your dog, and you autumn photos are pretty fantastic. I can't quite figure out what the underwater thing is since it looks like smoke and mirrors, which is pretty cool.

    I finally got it together and posted my very own outtakes because I'm a sucker for punishment and more importantly I said I would.

  18. What? More pictures? Does this never end, really? It seems so kafkaesque...
    Your outtakes are better than any of my photos ever...maybe it's just my camera...or my failing eyesight...or my shaky hands...or any other excuse I can think of...

  19. The underwater shot was a trick of water and milk and oil and a 180 degree turn. So much work and I didn't even use the photo. :P

    I'll be right over to check out your photos, Cheryl. :)

  20. Haha, it's all in the camera. ;)

  21. You take some pretty nice photographs, if I do say so myself, which I just did! :)



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