Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yes, We Eat A Ridiculous Amount Of Kinder Eggs

The theme of the week, and the month, is yellow.

I like yellow. Yellow is friendly and reminds me of sunshine and warmth. Two things we don’t actually have here in Finland. Along with a good hockey team and cheap clothes. Yellow also reminds me of Easter.

Lately, I’ve been on a quest. A quest to grow the prettiest, greenest Easter grass this side of Hell. We’ve followed my grass from when it was just a tray of dirt in diapers, through its rebellious teenage days when I just wanted to give up being a mommy and throw it away, to this proud day when my grass is finally all grown up.

We’re going to be spending Easter with M’s parents, and we’re leaving today. Which, I’m sad to say, means that my grass will most likely be dead when I come home. Easter grass doesn’t have a very high life expectancy.

Don’t cry, we knew this was going to happen.

Instead of being sad, we’re going to celebrate this moment with one last game. Nope, we’re not spotting the foreign object today. We’re playing… Find the difference! The game is easy. First we have my grass, with a few added toys and whatnot. Then, we have my grass, with the same toys and whatnot, but in this picture I’ve changed a few things up a bit. How many differences can you find? If a strand of grass has moved, this does not count as a difference. If a toy has moved, on the other hand, it counts as one difference. If you find it hard to play, I recommend you click on the pictures to enlarge them. Or get new glasses.

Sadly, I don’t have a fancy award to give out, so this is not going to be a contest, just something fun to do over Easter. I’ll post the answer on Sunday or Monday, whenever we get back from the in-laws.

That said, let’s play!

Find the differences!

Good luck! Now go to Theme Thursday to see what other people have written about yellow. *


  1. Let's see...I counted 14,297 blades of grass on the first and 14,102 blades of grass on the I win?

  2. ha ha! i like VE's answer and i'm too damn lazy to count

  3. Hi, I found all the differences. Yep, every one.

    The Clean White Page

  4. I'm with California Girl on this one.

    Mine is here.

  5. VE - I wish I had something you could win, but the only thing I have is about 14.102 blades of grass. You want them?

    Aoife.Troxel - Getting warmer...

    California Girl - Well I'm sure you would have gotten it right had you not been too lazy to count. ;)

    Tina - Every single one? Even the one with the baby chick on a bike?? Yes? No! Ha! I knew you were cheating!

    PattiKen - I'll pretend you got it right too. I'm good like that.

  6. i've never heard of such a thing. can you smoke it?

  7. Tom - I think growing Easter grass is a Scandinavian thing. Or a sign of mental problems, I can't be sure. Either way, I'm sure you could smoke it. Just don't inhale, that stuff will kill you.

  8. Yellow - According to my astrological sign (Leo), yellow is one of the colors I'm supposed to wear. I like yellow, it's all warm and sunny.

    I found 13 differences....did I win?

  9. Wait. There are differences?


    I'm still mourning the fact that there will be no pie for Easter.


  10. I count 13 differences, plus I'm pretty sure two different people took the photos based on my home crime lab's analysis of the pictures. Hard to be sure, though, because Finland has different ISO standards plus everything there is corrupted with low levels of radiation from an accident at Chernobyl that didn't happen.

  11. Me-Me King - You are so close to getting them all! I'm a Gemini and apparently my colors are orange, yellow and lemon. I'm not sure what the difference between yellow and lemon are, but I think I'm wearing a lemon shirt today. Or it could be beige. Or off-white. I'm only good with black, really.

    ReformingGeek - I hate to say this, but I think you need glasses. But I might make pie for Christmas, does that make you feel better?

    Mike - You scare me a little, your mental perception is uncanny. Both pictures were taken by yours truly, but in the first one I was sober and in the second one I'd had a fifth of vodka.

  12. I found about three. Going back to look for more. Be the yellow. Be the yellow...

  13. I knew something was up. But a fifth? And you were still able to operate the camera? *Respect*

    Vodka, though? Don't the Fins have something less....well, less Russian? Maybe fermented hernekeitto or 80-proof viili? Distilled reindeer hoof mash?

  14. Mrsblogalot - You are a brave soul, going back to look for more. Many have tried, few have returned. Good luck, you're going to need it.

    Mike - Hernekeitto is not to be messed with, served every Thursday, this is what makes Finns awesome. This is also what makes Finns smell slightly pea-ish most of the time. Viili, while perfect as breakfast, loses much of its deliciousness when alcohol is introduced. I'm not even going to dignify the distilled reindeer hoof mash thing with a comment, everyone knows reindeer hoofs are only used when making broth.

    What we do have, is Kossu. Koskenkorva Viina for those of you who are Finnish-challenged. Fine, 80-proof vodka, Finnish in origin, nothing Russian about it. Except maybe the vodka-part...

  15. Muschu - Indeed it is... I have a bunch of it at home, wanna come over after Easter?

  16. Why is hernekeitto served every Thursday? I can't even think why pea soup would be a Thursday thing. Thursday's child is full of pea soup? No I don't think so. Kossu sounds good any day. I'd to come over to Finland on a Thursday and have some hernekeitto and Kossu. Probably not going to happen anytime soon, though.


    here is mine for Theme Thursday!

  18. Mike - Back in the day when Finland was a part of Sweden and Sweden was Catholic, they used to fast on Friday. The Swedish army used to serve pea soup on Thursday because it was a good, sturdy meal and helped the soldiers survive Friday fasting. Nowadays, the Finnish army serves pea soup every Thursday, simply because it's tradition. Oh, it was rhetorical question... I knew that.

    Lemme know when you're coming over and I'll put the Kossu in the freezer and the peas to soak.

    Ji - Aren't the little chicks the cutest? They're a ton of work, though, always demanding food and water and company. Little buggers.



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