Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Have Cookies - Honestly, I Do

I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been busy. At the moment I’m getting up at 5:15 every morning, working 8 hours at the hospital, then spending my evenings working on a 20-page essay and studying for a ridiculously big exam while feeling guilty about not working on my master’s thesis. I’ve neglected both my own blog and other people’s blogs, and I’m ashamed. I’m also turning into a zombie. I can feel the necrosis setting in already.

I wasn’t going to post today, mostly because I think I might even be asleep right now. Pardon me if I snore. But there has been some talk about my cookies. Or rather, the lack of them. It seems I’ve made false promises about cookies. The way I see it, I haven’t as much offered cookies and simply stated a fact. I have cookies. And to prove that, here is what I had for dinner today:

Freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk. Yum.

I lied. This wasn’t dinner. M made a lovely green salad with a nice piece of smoked salmon for dinner. But this was dessert, and everyone knows dessert is the most important meal of the day. And you know what the best thing is? There is enough for everyone!

I have cookies.

The cookies were especially important today, because I want to make everyone feel at home here in my inferno. Don’t mind the heat, the air conditioning is broken. The reason that I need cookies today is that the fabulous Reffie of Confessions of a Reforming Geek has awarded me with some gorgeous blog bling. She awarded me this “Feels Like Home” award, which is just about the sweetest thing anyone has every done to me.

If I knew you were coming over I would have hidden the dead mice better.

This is a pass-it-on kind of award, and I have chosen to pass it on to a couple bloggers who always make me feel at home:

Mike over at Too Many Mornings – A fantastic writer, wonderful commenter and great person in general. You will definitely feel at home over there. And he almost never bites.

Nicky, and the two penises she shares writing space with, over at We Work For Cheese - I’m fairly new to this blog, but I have a crush on Nicky, and the writing is awesome. If you like cheese, this is the place to be. Or if you don’t like cheese, just pretend. That’s what I do.

Now that I’ve proven that I’m still alive and that I have cookies, I’m off to bed. But be prepared, I’ll be doing my blog rounds tomorrow. *


  1. I can confirm that the cookies really are yummy. :-) (Note, I'm using the present tense here, so there's still a few of the left. :-)

  2. Your award looks so pretty on your award shelf!

    My mouth is watering for those cookies.

  3. I started laughing as soon as I saw the title!
    Ziva, this is why your crush on me is not unrequited, even if you're only pretending to like cheese! (I must say, you're very good, I never realized you were faking!) The cookies are delicious (looking), I adore your (virtual) company and I am absolutely ecstatic that you thought of us for this award (our very first!). Thank you for the lovely things you said about us, and for giving us this award. I'm glad you feel that way, because I've begun thinking of our comments (of course, I'm including MikeWJ's) as conversations, not comments. Mi casa es su casa.

    And thank you, M., for leaving some cookies for the rest of us! :-)

  4. Okay, let's see if I understand this post correctly.

    First paragraph: Excuses, whine, whine, whine, zombies.

    Second paragraph: Silly excuses, logical pleading excuses, still no cookies for us.

    Third paragraph: On the one hand, M is pussywhipped. On the other hand, smoked salmon. On balance, M sounds like a nice guy. Cookies?

    Fourth paragraph: Reffie is awesome. Tell us something we don't know. Where's my fucking cookies?

    Last 10 sentences: Awards? Mike's totally awesome! Penises! Nicky's totally awesome! Crush on Nicky! But what about your crush on Mike? Dumped already. But cheese! Wonderful cheese to go with smoked salmon!

    Still no cookies. Only pictures of cookies. Want to eat monitor.

  5. yummy, sweet, warm, soft, and loving...

    your post evokes so many beautiful and wonderful images.
    Cool post!

    Good Luck on your Big Exam!


    my Theme Thursday post!
    Thank you in advance for reading it.

  7. I went by your house today stealing Steve....and...yeah...would you be all mad at me if there were no cookies left when you come home? Now I'm NOT saying I ate them..I just wanna know you know...just in case...

    And I'm NOT saying that I could eat ALL of them...but you know my eating habits...

  8. M - Cookies are NOT breakfast. I'm just saying.

    Reffie - I know, right? Thank you so much for my first ever blog bling, I love it! I'd send you some of those cookies, but they probably wouldn't taste very good when they got to you.

    Nicky - I like some cheeses, like a nice Brie, but I cannot stand melted cheese. Melted cheese is what Satan eats. Melted cheese and onion.

    I'm so glad I was your first! That's a very special thing, you know. You just don't go around doing it to anyone. That said, you definitely deserve it, and many more.

    Mike - I'm trying to read your comment, but all I'm hearing is "whine, whine, whine."

    If you want, I'll send you some cookies. I can't promise they won't be a little green when they get to you, though. The way Iceland is screwing with everyone, it could take years before any planes fly again - and I'm pretty sure it takes mail forever to travel on a ship all the way to the USA. Yeah, you're probably better off just taking a bite from the monitor. It's good for you, lots of fiber.

    I'd never dump you. Unless M tells me I have to dump you, in which case I'll tell M I'm not seeing you, and then I still won't dump you.

    Ji - Thank you! I'll need all the luck I can get.

    Muschu - By all means, please help yourself to my car, my cookies and anything else you'd like from my apartment. It's a wonder you saved any cookies for us. Hell, the way you eat, it's a wonder you didn't eat Steve! How you can be the size of a Barbie doll is beyond my understanding.

  9. I just hope M can't or doesn't read. He's a computer geek, right? Most computer geeks never read anything unless it's about Star Trek or Apple's latest iGadget, so I think we're safe.

  10. Mike - I'm not even sure M knows that "apple" is really a fruit. We should be safe.



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