Friday, April 9, 2010

That Goose Is Gorgeous

Today I was going to write about US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev, signing the historic nuclear weapons treaty. I was also going to rename the blog “Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Russia”.

The treaty obligates the countries to reduce the number of warheads to only 1,550 each. That’s not even enough to annihilate the continent of Africa. I feel so much safer now. But that's all I'm going to write about Russia today. Because notice how I said I was going to write about the treaty? Yeah, that’s because this morning I woke up with a sore throat. I went to work, and came home 8 hours later with a sore throat, a sore body, a fever, a headache, and feeling like my clothes were made out of extra coarse sandpaper.

With that in mind, and head full of cotton, I went in search of something easier to write about. And it so happens that, a few days ago, the not-so-geeky-at-all Reforming Geek over at Confessions of a Reforming Geek, tagged everyone who were lucky enough to be reading her excellent blog with a little photo meme. The instructions said to pick the tenth photo in your first photo folder and post it.

My first photo folder happens to be named “Animals”.

Yes, I’m going to become that person who posts pictures of their pets on their blog. Don’t worry, though, I won’t make it a habit. I’ll be back to posting pictures of growing grass and collapsing bridges in no time. But while we’re waiting for my brain to grow back and the shivering to stop, let’s look at some pictures.

The tenth photo in my animal folder is this picture of Maja.

Maja is a wildcat that my sister and I saved from the evil claws of nature when she was just a little kitten. This is her in her natural element. You can’t really tell in the picture, but she’s about to attack me. Evil little thing.

The above picture, I took at my parents’ summer place during that sunny day in 2008. She likes water. She also likes to sit in the sink while the water is running. She’s weird like that. And while I was still living at home, Maja used to scare the crap out of me. She’d hide inside my closet and jump out when I opened the door. Freaking hilarious, Maja.

Now, you can’t have a girl cat without a boy cat to keep her company. Meet Alfons.

Alfons looks real ferocious, doesn’t he? Yeah, he’s not. He’s yawning. He’s the biggest coward ever. He can’t even catch his own birds, Maja does it for him. Lazy fucker.

Two lazy fuckers.

Obviously, you can’t have two lazy ass cats and no dog. This is Mimmi and I. Mimmi is the St. Bernard, I’m the girl. I was younger then.

Mimmi, Muschu and I. One month later.

Mimmi went to doggy heaven some years ago. She was very loved and missed dearly. Before she passed away, she had time to eat a house, give Muschu a concussion and scare the crap out of old ladies. Or was it scare the crap out of Muschu, get a concussion from a house and eat old ladies. I can’t remember.

The last picture of the bunch is another photograph I took at our summer place. Every year we’ll have a couple of these ducks swim up to our sauna and come say hello. Usually they’re friendly. As long as you don’t go too close, of course. Or look at them, in which case they will attack and poke your eyes out.

Three seconds later, the flamingo realized I was looking at it. Last time I ever used that camera.


  1. Muschu. M. Mimmi. Maja. That's a lot of M's. Are you sure you don't work for the British Secret Intelligence Service and have a 007 clearance?

    And why the names Maja and Alfons, anyway?

    I mean, she's a pretty good looking cat, as cats go, but because she's a wild cat, you can't possibly know much about her background. Do you know for certain that she hung out with Goya in Madrid back in the early 1900s, dressing up and going out to drink Orujo and discuss art with Nouveau painter Alphonse Maria Mucha (a name you must love as I assume it's where Alfons got his name, plus it's full of alliterative M's)in fluent Castilian, or do you merely suspect it?

    Regardless, thank you for sharing these photos with us, even the photo of the killer swan. You and Mimmi look adorable in your snow pants. I mean, you look adorable in your snow pants and Mimmi looks adorable in her fur, unless those are furry snow pants she's wearing, in which case you both look adorable in your snow pants, as I originally state. I have to assume that picture was taken in the dead of summer, as the snow's only ankle deep instead of over your head.

    I hope you feel better soon, too. Not that it matters, really, because the fucking Russians are probably going to blow everything straight to hell anyway with what's left of their nuclear arsenal.

  2. Oh, ick. I'm sorry you are ill!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I love the photos. Your kitties are so cute and that Mimmi is/was adorable. I've always liked St. Bernards.

    I like to look at ducks and geese from far, far away.

    Yeah, Shrek's Far Far Away. ;-)

  3. Aw, feel better girl! Loved these pictures and their names more!

  4. I love those pictures of you and your "puppy"! Hope you feel better...maybe you should try some Chernobyl Chicken soup.

  5. Mike - I've actually never thought about it, but now that you mention it, Maja does resemble the nude lady in the painting, doesn't she?

    Actually Maja is named after a character in Gösta Knutsson's children's books about Pelle Svanslös. Pelle Svanslös (svans=tail, lös=loose/-less) is a cat without a tail, and Maja Gräddnos (grädde=cream, nos=nose) is a white cat and Pelle's girlfriend. Our Maja actually had a brother who we named Måsse after another character in the books, Evil Måns. Knutsson based his character on real persons of the early 40's, and Måns was based on Hitler and Mussolini. Måsse was a good cat, though, but sadly, he passed away soon after he came to live with us.

    Someone threw Alfons into a dumpster when he was just a kitten, and we picked him up from an animal shelter. He's named after a little boy in Gunilla Bergström's children's books about Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins in English).

    We're big on children's books.

    Thanks Mike, Mimmi always looked adorable, fur or no fur. I, on the other hand, only really looked good in those snow pants. I'm still wearing them, in fact. Only they don't fit me that well anymore, so I wear them on my head. I think they make me look real classy.

  6. ReformingGeek - Thanks! I still have a sore throat, but the fever is gone, which leads me to believe I might not be dying after all.

    Mimmi really was adorable, even when she weighed 140 lbs. I'm trying to convince M we need a St. Bernard, but then I think about the mountains of poo and I'm secretly happy he doesn't like dogs.

    Mrsblogalot - Thanks! I'm feeling better today. I might conveniently feel worse on Monday again, though.

    We've also had a black cat called Kissen Herra Pikkarainen. How's that for a name?

    Nicky - When my mom bought Mimmi, she fell in love with that cute little puppy. I'm not so sure she realized exactly how big Mimmi would get. ;)

    And thanks, I'm feeling better today. Must have been the Chernobyl Chicken soup. Nothing like a little radiation to make your skin glow with health.



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