Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is it, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I am back! I had a lovely Easter with M and his family. I ate the equivalent of a small horse, and read the paper a lot.

Before I left for Kristinestad, I left you with a little Easter game to pass the time. “Find the differences” was a great success, if I say so myself. No one found all the differences, but honestly, if someone had, it would have been too easy anyway, right? There were 15 differences, and since I am too lazy to write them all down, I have used my mad Paint skills and circled the differences with red. Without further ado, I give you the Key:

I bet you didn't find the egg that changed color.

On a completely unrelated note, spring has arrived! The past week, we’ve had temps of between 40 and 50 Fahrenheit and the snow is quickly melting away. The ice has drifted out to sea and rain is coming down as rain instead of snow. I am really going to enjoy our two weeks of summer this year. It’s been a long, cold winter and we could really use the warmth. It’s important to not become greedy, though. We can’t expect too much summer around here. Honestly, when the permafrost starts to thaw, it’s time for winter again.

Finally, spring is here!


  1. Um...yeah, spring.

    You can keep that slush.

    You guys are probably already working on your tans.


  2. I knew I found ...well most of them!

  3. Summer is very overrated. Really.

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  5. I swear there were only 13. I saw the egg that switched colors. I think you might be cheating. Or drunk. Again. I hope the reindeer sees its shadow on Reindeer's Day and you get six more weeks of winter. Unless that's not possible because the small horse you ate was actually the reindeer. Check the newspaper. It might have a story about how the police are looking for somebody who swigged a fifth of vodka and ate Kristinestad's beloved reindeer, Kristinestad Kristine, sister reindeer of Puxatony Phil. Oh God, this is too sad for words.

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  7. Sorry about that first and second deletion. I was a little tipsy and spelled Puxatony Phil's name wrong. Then, still tipsy, I forgot the last half of my second comment, which was, "We can't have that. He's a national hero." I think those last eight words are critically important. So I deleted the second comment and re-posted the correct version here. Sort of. Fucking alcohol. It screws up your thinking. Although I think I understand how to acheive world peace now.

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  9. Whoops, sorry about that third deletion. No explanation this time. I'm just fucking up a lot here.

    Sorry again.

  10. At least you look like you got a lot of comments.

    You're welcome.

  11. lol @ Mike!

    I was ever so close!

    I hate summer here in the deserts. Weeks upon end with temperatures exceeding 110 degrees. I keep telling myself to move to the high country, just haven't done anything about it yet. Maybe this will finally be the year.

  12. ReformingGeek - What's a tan?

    Mrsblogalot - Congrats on finding...well most of them!

    Nicky - Summer is for wimps.

    Mike - I never cheat. And I'm never drunk. I also never lie. And I think you're mistaking Reindeer Day for Groundhog Day. On Reindeer Day, if the reindeer sees his shadow, he runs back into his hole and eats a groundhog. We'll have six more weeks of winter either way.

    I'm loving the shitload of comments I have on account of your drinking problem! Keep fucking up! Pretty please?

    Me-Me King - I don't think I would last in the desert. See, every winter I grow a warm winter coat to survive the winter, and every year I forget to shed it. Under my clothes, I'm a St. Bernard.

  13. I think I'm going to need you to define "cheat," "drunk" and "lie" for me. Because I suspect your definitions and my definitions might not be the same. Take, for example, "drunk." I distinctly recall you mentioning that you had a fifth of Finnish vodka (distinquished from Russian vodka by its less aggressive flavor) when you shot the second Easter grass photo. That's drunk in my book. Maybe it's just "tipsy" in yours, because you have a liver the size of a large groundhog or a small reindeer.

    Now, if didn't have a fifth of Finnish vodka, then you made that up and you were lying. And if you'll lie--especially about Easter, for Christ's sake--then it's highly probable that you'll also cheat. Not necessarily on your boyfriend, of course, but I'd be a little suspicious if I were him. Particularly since you're cold a lot of the time, he can't possibly be there to help keep you warm all the time, and you're too frightened to snuggle up with a reindeer in case it mistakes your for a groundhog and eats you.

    I think that all makes sense. Let me know if not.

  14. Mike - Don't be silly, reindeer are notoriously lousy in bed, I would never cheat with a reindeer.

    I guess I might lie sometimes, but that's just on account of my lousy memory. If I can't remember the truth, how am I supposed to stick to it? Also, lying makes everything so much more interesting. So does cheating, by the way. Not on my boyfriend, though, he's too nice to me. Also, I kinda look like a groundhog and people generally don't like to touch me. But honestly, I never drink. Ever. No wait, that's M. M never drinks. I'm something of an alcoholic, myself.



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