Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Photographs

I feel like this blog has been a little too quiet lately. It’s not my fault, it’s this damned summer with all its sunshine and warmth and happy people. People have committed suicide for less, you know. But this will all change now. With only this as my weapon:

I will take one picture a day for 30 days. I will post the pictures here for your viewing pleasure, and you will be happy about it. And so as to not make things too easy, I’m using this list of themes for the pictures:

Day 1: A member of my family
Day 2: A favorite object
Day 3: My addiction
Day 4: My hobby
Day 5: Evil
Day 6: Green
Day 7: Happiness
Day 8: Music
Day 9: Death
Day 10: Desire
Day 11: Monday
Day 12: Light
Day 13: Pain
Day 14: A winter picture
Day 15: Love
Day 16: Old
Day 17: A moment
Day 18: Tears
Day 19: Black
Day 20: Different
Day 21: When I was young
Day 22: Self portrait
Day 23: A summer picture
Day 24: Wet
Day 25: Dinner
Day 26: Chocolate
Day 27: Two, a pair
Day 28: Weather
Day 29: Night
Day 30: God

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Things are going to get artsy. *


  1. *screams Psycho-shower-scene-scream and runs from the room*

    *comes back, intrigued by the possibilities of Day 3, Day 10,  Day 24 and Day 27*

    Please let them be what I think they are. Especially Day 27.

  2. For you, my darling Canadian, #27 will be exactly what you think it will be.

    Wait, we're talking about mittens, right?

  3. I can't wait!  All of these are very provocative!  And I would expect the photos to be the same!  I know they will all be amazing!

  4. I'm not so sure I can promise you amazing or provocative, but I'll try for funny, pretty or just weird.

  5. I'm terrified, shaking in my

    Good Luck!

  6. Hah!  It will be more than that!  We know you, Ziva!

  7. Thanks Reffie, I'll need it!

  8. Ohh, I will!! Or maybe I won't. You just never know with me.

  9. Great, now I'm not feeling the pressure at all. ;)

  10. Hey Mike's doing this too. I'll share with you what I told him.

    "I won't be negative about this. I look forward to what will develop. I think this will undoubtedly help you focus. I shutter to think what the interwebs would be without you." 

  11. Darling Ziva, you could post pictures of your cat or your cat's hair ball and I would applaud it as art.  You are very artistic!  And lovely too.  That's all.

  12. How in the hell did you take a picture of your camera?!?!? You have to have 2 cameras to do that!

    What is this witchcraft???

  13. Mike's doing this too? Image-ine that. I'll hope the contrast between his pictures and mine will prove interesting.

  14. Tomorow you might regret saying that. ;)

  15. O ye, of little faith, I can do magic me.

    Also, we have a fancy camera for documenting "stuff." Then we have a not-so-fancy camera for documenting the documenting of "stuff." Also, a not-even-close to fancy camera for documenting the documenting of the documenting of "stuff." And another ancient camera for documenting the documenting of the documenting of the documenting of "stuff." And many, many camera phones, in case the more acceptable forms of documenting "stuff" aren't readily available when "stuff" occurs.

  16. Bring on the artsy! This should be very interesting...

  17. Interesting, irritating -- potato potahto.

  18. Oh snap! Is this where MWJ got the idea? Because this is so freaking cool I am thinking about joining this project too?

  19. Of course you should join our project if you want to. The more the merrier!

  20. I'm thinking about it. Although I am NOT what you'd call a photographer!



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