Friday, July 22, 2011

Thirty Days of Photographs: Light

Last weekend M and I went to a concert/one-day music festival. It was held inside a big open limestone quarry, 350 feet below sea level. I’ve been down in the quarry before, but the ride down the steep sides of the mine never ceases to amaze me. Down in the quarry everything is white, and the sun so bright it hurts your eyes.

The main artist of the night was Roxette, the Swedish wonder duo behind It Must Have Been Love, Listen to Your Heart, Joyride, The Look and several other annoying song that have plagued mankind since the early 90’s. Luckily Roxette wasn’t the only band there, and I got to see my good friend Zelma’s band play, a very good local cover band do their versions of famous 80’s songs, and the band Suurlähettiläät. You won’t know who or what Suurlähettiläät are, but they sing in this long since extinct language called Finnish and are really quite big in the small forgotten European country of Finland.

The bands were great. And then came Roxette. After realizing that M sang along to every single song they played and actually knew the lyrics by heart, I briefly considered breaking up with him, but I guess you can’t break up with someone just because they have a lousy taste in music. And he does love Kent, which has to be a redeeming quality. Luckily, I survived both the sappy performance and M’s singing, and I was able to take these pictures for you.



  1. These are awesome pictures, and I’m going to use them as my desktop wallpaper. I can't decide which one I like better. I like how the first picture gives you the feeling of being caught in the middle of a crowd. The top-down backlighting makes it look sort of angelic, or maybe demonic because of the red. But I also really like the greenish cast and the shadows of the people's legs in the second photograph. Both shots really emphasize the light aspect of today's theme. Interesting that we both chose out-of-focus shots for the theme. I guess light’s hard to get a hold of.
    I am terribly sorry to hear that M likes Roxette, by the way. With counseling, he may be able to leave it behind, but try to remember that it’s not your job to change him. You have to accept him as he is, not for what he may become. Of course, what he is, is pretty embarrassing. Good luck.

  2. M likes Roxette? Drop him. What the hell is wrong with Sweden anyway? Roxette, ABBA...  Now Babylon Whores and The Flaming Sideburns...that's what I call music! And don't get me started on the Leningrad Cowboys.

    I love that first pic. Very nice.

  3. I like Roxette too.  Tell M when you come to visit, I will play it for him.

    These photos are awesome.  I love the "feel" of them.  Light is really not about light, is it?  It's about what is illuminated.  The first one is magical.  The second one is moody.

  4. I like both of these pictures the firs one reminds me of the Scorpions concert I went to as a teenager, and the second one looks like a zombie apocalypse. The green light is really cool.

  5. Pass me my sun shades!

  6. OMG, I was at the zombie apocalypse and I didn't even realize? Man, that sucks.

  7. M will be very happy to hear that!

    You're right about light, it's all about what is shown, and even more so about what's not shown.

  8. I know, right? Fucking Sweden, ruining the world since the 13th century.

  9. Exactly!  I always knew you were more than another pretty face!

  10.  Thank you for your condolences, M's horrible taste in music is a daily reminder of the struggle non-musical people go through.

    I'm glad you liked the pictures, we did do similar things for this theme. I didn't expect those pictures to turn out very well, but surprisingly, I really like them, too. I really love the backlight, and the ouf of focus quality to them.



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