Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And After All the Sweat, Blood and Tears, It Still Says "Made In China" on the Back

I was hardly surprised at all when I woke up this morning and the week had once again decided to start with Monday. I don’t like Monday. Monday is full of expectations, intentions and need-to-dos, but extremely low on energy, motivation and want-to-dos. Usually my motivation rears its ugly head around Friday, but by then it’s too late to actually do anything so I just ignore it. Friday is good like that.

One person who hasn’t been low on motivation lately is M. He’s been practicing his karate day and night, spending days and weeks and many more days and weeks away from me to reach enlightenment. And finally, after another weekend away from his sweetheart, M finally came home with the holiest of dark textiles.

M + karate = black belt

I’m living with a karate master. Suddenly Monday doesn’t seem so bad after all. I’ll just have M kick its ass. All the way to Friday… *


  1. Yeah, let me know how that works, 'K?


  2. Congrats to M, and that's a clever post title.

  3. Congratulations to M. Does that mean that he can now kick your ass?

    Mondays suck. Calendars should begin each week on Tuesday, but then I guess Tuesday would suck.

  4. Wow, congrats to M!

    An old room mate of mine became a black belt way back. He was a lazy fuck. He never did shit around our apartment except cause huge heating bills. You could say he had a black belt in being a really shit room mate.

    I'm sure M is a much cooler blackbelt.

  5. I earned my white belt in judo, so M had better watch out. Not for me, of course, but for Chuck Norris. That dude's a bad ass.

    Happy Monday to you and M.

  6. Wow, that's cool. The closest I ever came to a belt was Hai Karate. They used to say "be careful how you use it". I should have heeded the warning because instead of slapping it on my cheeks I took a belt and got hai. Karate, indeed.

  7. Great job M!! Congrats! Ziva - maybe he can help you with some of your Zumba moves!

  8. I'm truly impressed. When you come to visit, you can bring him and he can join Harry and Honey as one of our organic security units. In return, I will feed and and you and I can entertain him. It will be lovely.

    I hope he will stay home with you all the time now because I don't want you getting restless and doing too much Zumba and getting scrawny on me.

    Uhm, Ziva, where's Nicky?

  9. Reffie: It turns out not even a black belt karate master can kick Monday's ass. I've come to realize that the only way of really beating Monday is by sleeping all the way through it and wake up on Tuesday. Good thing I'm a champion sleeper.

    Frank: Thank you, thank you.

    Lauren: Hehe... You're funny. Thinking M could actually even dream about being able to kick my ass.. That's hilarious.

    mike: Now I'm going to have to find a way to verify that it is indeed a black belt in karate M came home with, and not a black belt in getting out of making dinner.

    MikeWJ: Congrats to your white belt! That's the very first one, right? The one you get when you can walk across the room without falling down?

    Ahh, Chuck Norris; the bane of M's existence. He sometimes has nightmares and weeps at night, crying and mumbling "Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird..."

    nonamedufus: Hai Karate, huh? That stuff sounds dangerous.

    00dozo: I'm not sure M and Zumba is a good combination. You'd think someone with a black belt in karate would have some sense of rythm, but M's idea of dancing is to roundhouse kick the person closest to him. At least dancing is one thing I will forever be better at than him.

    Linda: M's very low maintenance, he doesn't need entertaining, just a wifi connection.

    I've been wondering where Nicky is, I'm afraid CheesyMike might have done something to her. Or maybe Jepeto, you never know with these Canadians.

  10. ell, it must keep him out of trouble. But I thought karate was Japanese????

  11. Jon: Japan, China - tomato, tomahto. African countries, they're all fruits to me.



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