Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keep the Banana Out of the Doggy Bag

I wonder if every baby comes with an extra set of hands for the parents, compliments of the stork. Because yesterday we had a couple we know over for dinner, and they have a 2.5-year old and a 6-month old, and they made it look easy. Well, as easy as holding a baby in one hand, feeding a toddler with the other, while you’re eating with a third and making sure you’re properly hydrated with the fourth, can look.

Having company over was fun. We had a wonderful 9-year old red wine from Spain, and some sort of mystery meat dish that I probably should know a little bit more about seeing as I was the one who made it. I also made chocolate cake, and these:

I had every intention of serving coffee with the cake and cookies, but when I tried to make it I found the coffeemaker broken and unusable. Everything turned out great, though, because I fixed it with a fork and a sauce pan. Which reminds me, I should really send that picture to “There, I Fixed It”...

Today is Father’s Day. I know it’s confusing, but Father’s Day is not celebrated on the same date all around the world. Just go with it. M and I went with it and invited ourselves to my parents’ house for dinner. Mom made something that didn’t quite know if it was dinner or dessert, but M liked it. It was full of meat, cayenne pepper and bananas, of all things. Fruit should never ever be warm. Dinner should not be sweet, unless it consists of nothing but chocolate, which is okay, of course. But dinner with warm banana, pineapple, red apple, green apple, any fruit really, shouldn’t be allowed to exist. I should be struck down by lightning, in fact, just for suggesting it. I ate the meat and the sauce and threw the banana pieces on the floor for the dog to eat. Then I remembered our dog died 10 years ago. Then I remembered that even if she’d still been alive, banana was the only thing she refused to eat, even counting things such as small children and rusty nails. Smart dog. *


  1. They say you are what you eat, although I'm not entirely sure who they are. But if that's the case, you're eating mystery meals, so, like, what's that make you? Hmmm...

  2. Ziva, meat, pepper and bananas? Oh that cannot be normal food even in Finland. The idea of that combo gives me a bellyache. I'm glad you threw the bananas on the floor, but I hope you threw them under M's chair so your Mom won't be mad at you.

    Babies are cute, but messy. Most of them do like bananas though. I don't like bananas. I find them vulgar.

  3. noname: I don't know what exactly it makes me, but it sure doesn't make me a banana.

    Linda: I assure you, it's not normal food over here. And I promise, I don't usually throw food on the floor. I'm very well behaved when there's no banana in my food.

  4. Finally! You share cookies with us. Do you know how long it has been since you've had cookies here? And those look yummy. Even though there is a decided lack of chocolate in them. Why is that?

    Jepeto would agree with you about fruit and meat and how never the two should meet. I kinda like it, in some instances. For example, roast pork stuffed with apples and cheese. Yum. Chicken and mango. Double yum. Ham with pineapple. Triple yum. Turkey with cranberry sauce. Drool. Beef with a wildberry port sauce. I need a smoke now.

    Bananas with meat. Ugh. Not yum. Ever.

    Seriously, put some chocolate in the freakin' cookies next time.

  5. Bananas: Good
    Banana cookies: Good
    Banana cake: Good
    Banana bread: Good
    Banana muffins: Good

    Banana chips: Meh
    Banana split: Good
    Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie: Good

    Warm bananas and meat: FAIL and Uber Yuck.

    You had me at chocolate cake but then your burst my bubble by not letting me actually have a bite.


    I passed on the babies. Too messy and they eventually turn into teenagers. Scary.

  6. Banana works on pizza. With ham. I know it shouldn't, but it does.

  7. I'm a proponent of chocolate entrées. It's never enough for just dessert.

    My dogs don't eat bananas either, and yet they eat cat poop. So, in the twisted mind of a canine, bananas taste like shit.

    Happy Father's Day!

  8. Happy Father's Day, Ziva! Although I suspect you lack the proper equipment for it, I believe you'll make a great father one day because you teach your children how to fix the coffee pot with ordinary kitchen utensils instead of tools. All good fathers know how to do that.

    As for eating bananas with meat, I admit it sounds strange. But I often eat my chicken curry with raisins, another fruit, and my pork with orange relish, yet another fruit. Out of curiousity, I Googled recipes using bananas and meat and came up empty handed. I was actually fairly relieved to find that there aren't any, although now I see a meaty hole in the culinary market just begging to be filled with bananas. Which reminds me, it's probably high time I pay another visit to my Freudian therapist.

    On a completely different note, it's nice to know that cookies run in the Ziva family. Your mom's Swiss cheese cookies look absolutely fabulous!

  9. Those cookies you made look amazingly delicious. The dinner your mother made? Not. So. Much. Blech!

    Happy Father's Day!

  10. Nicky: Crap, I forgot the chocolate! No wonder there were a bunch of holes in the cookies, the chocolate was missing.

    Reffie: That's were teenagers come from? Crap, M and I are going to have to have a serious talk.

    Jon: There's something very wrong with you.

    Lauren: I like your dogs, at least they have their priorities straight.

    MikeWJ: My mom always said that the real taste lies in the holes in the cookie. She's not normal. Neither is my father, but he taught me to think outside the box, and that, my friend, is why you'll always have coffee when I'm around.

    Meleah: I'd offer you a cookie, but we ate them all. I don't suppose I can interest you in some meat and bananas?

  11. Hey, Nicky, do you have a recipe for that beef with a wildberry port sauce? Because that sounds totally delicious, and I'm very hungry. There's a restaurant near my house that serves London broil with a burgundy sauce that I also love. Yum!

    Hey, maybe we can turn Ziva's blog into a cooking site, like Epicurious, but with more emphasis on cookies. That would be fun.

  12. Is it wrong that I'll eat just about anything? Any combination? My husband always said I'd always do well in prison because of my abnormally unpicky eating habits. But spare me the orange suit..just the thought of how bad I'd look gives me stomach pains. But for three free meals a day I just might learn to live with it (-;

  13. MikeWJ: I don't think my site would be a very good cooking site. I'm just saying. I barely even have cookies.

    Mrsblogalot: I wouldn't say it's wrong that you eat just about anything, but... no, yes I would. It's wrong. It's not right. It's not normal. But at least you wouldn't wear those orange jumpsuits, and that's the most important thing anyway. ;)



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