Friday, November 26, 2010

Glögg - Try To Say That Five Times Fast

It’s been snowing all week. Big flakes, small flakes, storm flakes, corn flakes and friendly flakes. If we get another ten or twelve feet we’ll be completely snowed in. And it’s freezing. 15 degrees Fahrenheit, -10 degrees real temperature. I wouldn’t mind the cold, but tomorrow it’ll be even colder and I’ll first have to wear a little black dress to a play, and then I’ll have to wear this:

…and go to a student thing were we stay up until 3 am and walk around outside in the snow and drink glögg strong enough to pickle an elephant of moderate size and weight. It sounds weird, but it’s actually very fun. Drinking glögg in the street, not pickling elephants of moderate size and weight. If I survive the night I’ll tell you all about it after the weekend.

And some of you might remember that the last time you heard from me, I was on my way to the set of Dancing with the Stars. The show was much better on this side of the camera. I particularly liked the crazy camera men running around, and the slightly unprofessional behavior everyone was exhibiting during the commercials. And of course the dresses Muschu had made were amazing. And as if it wasn’t enough that my sister gets to sew fantastic dresses for Dancing with the Stars, she was interviewed for the 10 o’clock news today and the entire country saw her pretty face on TV. I’m pretty sure your level of success is measured in the air time you get on the national news, which means Muschu is right up there with our Minister of Foreign Affairs. If she wasn’t my sister I might be jealous. But because she is my sister, I’ll just pretend to be happy about it and smile and nod.

The red means I’m a political sciences major, and the badges were sewn onto the jumpsuit by little Chinese kids who didn’t get enough pay. I have a bunch of them stowed away in the closet for just such occasions.

Keeping up appearances.

Most important accessory of them all.


  1. Brrrr. Pass that Glogg!

    Glad you had fun. Maybe you should be on the show next time.


  2. I love umlauts.

    Still, I don't know how to pronounce Glögg. Is it gloog, or glowg? Or just glog?

    Try not to get too pickled that you lose your toes. They're a bitch to sew back on.

  3. Try and stay warm and beware of thin ice!

  4. Congrats to Muschu. About glögg, sounds like the perfect 3 a.m. drink for the snow and the cold. Hell! I'd like a drink now, and I'm inside.

  5. Why do you need a bottle opener for glogg? Oh, and glogg, glogg, glogg, glogg, glogg. There. That wasn't so hard.

  6. Now I want snow and glogg too! I'm very jealous of these going on, Ziva. I don't even remember the last time I was up at 3 AM. Now, actually, that's a damn lie. I was sleeping on the floor in the dining room last night next to my sick dog, Honey. The hardwood floors are not that cozy at all so I got up to move my bones around at 3 AM.

  7. Reffie: I don't know if dancing for a million people is my idea of fun. Horrifying and embarrassing sounds more like it.

    mike: I hate umlauts. Luckily for me, ö is not an o with an umlaut, it's an indepentent letter that just happens to look like that. And it's pronounced glögg. Doubly lucky for me, I didn't lose any toes. I don't think I have the sewing skills to reattach them.

    MikeWJ: Yes. Have been for years now.

    00dozo: I tried to stay warm and beware of thin ice, but it was too cold for warmth and too warm for ice. Figures.

    Lauren: Come on over, I'll warm up some glögg for you.

    Noname: The bottle opener is for any alcoholic beverage which may or may not require opening by such an opener.

    Linda: Oh poor Honey! Is she okay? And poor you, hardwood floors are definitely not good for sleeping on. Or even lying on for a short time. Or even sitting on, really. Get off the floor, Linda.

  8. What, no pictures of the little black dress? Or of the glögg? Or of you in the little black dress drinking the glögg? Sigh. I think we're missing out on the best parts of this story Z!

  9. Ziva, once again, you cracked me up!

    "the badges were sewn onto the jumpsuit by little Chinese kids who didn’t get enough pay. I have a bunch of them stowed away in the closet for just such occasions."


    Im so happy for your sister! That's totally-super-awesome she was on the 10 o'clock news. Have a wonderful time drinking Glögg and please try NOT to freeze to death!

  10. Nicky: I don't do pictures. When I wear the little black dress and look in the mirror, everything looks fine, good even. But as soon as I see a picture of myself in the very same little black dress, there's too much girl and not enough dress, the hair is all over the place and the make up is worse.

    Meleah: I'd be happy to let you borrow my little Chinese kids! Do you have anything you need done, but wouldn't like to pay a professional full price? No problem! And thanks, I'll try not to freeze to death. I won't make any promises, though. ;)



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