Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Muschu!

I’m getting really tired of starting every other blog post with ”M is away,” but he is. Again. This time it’s karate camp. And I’m alone on a beautiful snowy Sunday. Technically I was alone yesterday too, and it was a beautiful snowy Saturday, and I was alone on Friday, which was a beautiful snowy Friday, but you guys are not interested in that. Luckily, being alone means that I’ve had time to think of potential blogging material. Sometime in the near future I’m going to treat you to the story of my language course in England, complete with crazy soybean-loving American; and the story of my week in a French monastery, complete with bus trip through Europe and monks everywhere. My stories are not as adventurous as Linda’s, but I bet she doesn’t have a story about soybean madness. She probably has one about monks, though.

Sadly, those little stories will have to wait a little longer, because I’m off. I am going to the live set of Dancing with the Stars for tonight’s show, to celebrate my gorgeous sister's birthday. I’ll probably go crazy trying to run away from the cameras and avoid being seen by a million people on live TV, but a little more crazy won’t hurt. You probably won’t even notice it. *


  1. First,I want to wish happy birthday to your sister.
    I think it is a bit interesting going at a TV show.
    I look forward to seeing more articles with intersting stories as before :D

    All the best.!

    P.S.I know jokes about monks

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear sister.
    what a cute post.

  3. Now M is back at home again, but Ziva is away. I'm watching the show on TV, though, trying to catch a glimpse of my dear :-)

  4. Oh, yay. Happy birthday to your sister! Enjoy Dancing with the Stars!!

  5. Hyvaa syntymapaivaa Muschu! Hope you ladies had fun and managed to avoid all the paparazzi running after you, begging to take your picture and find out who you're wearing. Or sleeping with.

  6. Thank you for the love, Ziva! My adventures turn pale next to yours! I just tell things in an exaggerated bright light. But then that's how I see things too!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful sister. Don't let them photograph you. That's how they capture your spirit. Poor M is home alone now. I hate it when that happens!

  7. Can I have your autograph?

    Uh...I mean your sister's autograph?

    Happy Birthday to Sis!

  8. If they catch you on camera all of Scandinavia will think you're some hot single babe. Poor M. Happy birthday to that other hot babe.

  9. I'm starting to wonder if "M is away at karate camp" isn't secret code for "M is in Sweden having an oil party with Swedish twins." Maybe he'll see you on TV, quit the karate and rush home to tell you all about his slippery adventures.

    On another subject, happy birthday to Muschu! I think you should have muschu pork to celebrate.

    I seriously want to hear more about your snowy Friday. And your week in a monastery. Those poor monks. They're probably still doing penance.

  10. Have fun! At least your version of Dancing with the Stars doesn't have Bristol Palin plodding her way across the stage.

    Happy Birthday Muschu!

  11. Rares: Thank you! It was fascinating to see how those TV shows are made. It was all very relaxed, while following a second-to-second schedule.

    Jingle: Thank you very much. :)

    M: I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m sitting right here.

    Meleah: Thanks! Dancing with the Stars was great, it’s much more fun when you’re actually there.

    Nicky: We had a great time, and totally kicked some paparazzi ass.

    Linda: Your adventures are amazing, Linda, I love reading about them. When I grow up I’m going to be just like you. Except not blonde.

    Reffie: I’m sure Muschu would be delighted to give you her autograph. Or she might just cut herself in the finger and bleed a little, she does that a lot.

    Noname: It turns out my image can’t be caught on camera. Must be the vampire in me. But at least I saw a bunch of famous people.

    MikeWJ: I’m confused. What’s an oil party? Do you sit around with Swedish twins and taste oils? Because that’s kind of nasty. The monks are fine. It’s not like they took that vow of chastity very seriously anyway.

    Lauren: Bristol Palin. Yuck! But we have Laura Voutilainen, who looks like dog excrement warmed up and shaped to slightly resemble a female.

  12. Oh my! Thank you all for the congrats!

    I had sort of forgot it was my birthday the other week.. :( But you can get my surprise when suddently Ziva stood at my door shouting Happy Birthday!! And forsing me to take her to the show!
    Hmmm... I think she just wanted to be on TV...

    ..nah just kidding! I knew she was coming! We had a great time, thank you Ziva! Love you!

  13. Muschu: Yes, your memory is probably not what it used to be now that you're getting older.. Love you too, Muschu, don't work too hard.



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