Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thirty Days of Photographs: God

God. Allah. Yahweh. El Shaddai. Deus. Gandalf. God has about as many names as P. Diddy, and is known in one form or other by literally dozens of people. When I was little I was sure that God was an old man with a long white beard, living in the clouds. And even though I'd like to think I know better now, I can't help but wonder if this is where God takes his vacation. It looks like a pretty laid back cloud, after all. *


  1. That is awesome!  I think that's where Zeus, God, and Santa Claus, and Elvis go on vacation.  I wouldn't mind joining them there.  That's the pillowyest cloud I've ever seen in my life!

  2. That's a cool antique looking picture Ziva, it looks like something I'd find at an estate sale with a big wooden frame and bubble glass over it. Very nicel!!!

  3. Very interesting photo, but lord, woman, where did you have to travel to take that??  Oy!

    You mention the different monikers of gods and I was reminded of those cultures that include some animals as their 'gods', or spirit guides.  When I looked again at your photo, I could see a canine and a feline face - one representing a cougar (on the right), the other a dog.  Okay, so more of a fluffy puppy, but an animal nonetheless.

    Or, I could interpret this as God's "man cave" - you need a good comfy couch after all!


  4. There's just something about clouds. I'm a lapsed Catholic, a non-believer. But if anything ever best represented the big guy it's got to be wind-whiped, shape-shifting clouds. Great pic, Ziva, and a great series these past 30 days. I'm kind of sad it's over. I really enjoyed looking at and commenting on your pictures. Well done.

  5. Thank you, Dufus, I'm glad you've enjoyed the series. It's been fun doing it, that's for sure. I think I might even miss it a little.

  6. How far did I have to travel to get that pic? Well, about half a mile. ;)

    Oh, I can totally see the dog! It's a poodle, right?

  7. Thanks Madge! The vignetting is so noticeable because I zoomed in so much to get the shot, but I actually like the way it looks in this picture.

  8. I'm sure you'd be more than welcome to join them!

  9. Dang, it looks like you had to go practically vertical to get that shot.  Reverse bungee jumping?  Either way, it's a great pic.

    Yeah!  A poodle, or maybe a bichon frise.  As cute as they might be, I wouldn't want one.  Small dogs tend to be very yappy.

    Anyway, it's been a great 30 days.  You're really good at photography and might consider freelancing, even if it's only local.

  10. Has it been 30 days already? Now I am sad. Can I propose the subjects for another 30-day picture meme? (I'm going to take your silence for a positive response) I suggest:

    1) Hard Cheese
    2) Soft Cheese
    3) Melted Cheese
    4) Smelly Cheese
    5) Cheesecake
    6) Shoes
    7) Ziva in red lingerie
    8) Ziva in black lingerie
    9) Orange Cheese
    10) Yellow Cheese
    11) Goat Cheese
    12) Sandals
    13) Cheesy cheese
    14) Boots
    15) Ziva in lingerie and boots

    You can just repeat the cycle a second time for the next 15 days. I look forward to seeing the new pictures!!

  11. Oh, and I really like your picture of God.

  12. Perfect photo, an perfect way to end the series. You are such a talented photographer! SERIOUSLY.

  13. Yeah, it's a poodle.

  14. Well, I climbed a hill. A big hill. ;)

    I don't like small dogs. Or any dog that look like it had a perm, really. I like my dogs big and menacing.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed the meme, it was a fun one, that's for sure!

  15. Aww, thanks Meleah! You always say the nicest things. :)

  16. Wow, that does sound like fun; all the things I love the most in one classy list. I'll get right on it! You don't mind if I just send these to you privately, do you, darling Nicky?

  17. Uh, could I get on that private mailing list, too? I just love cheese and boots. Hey, isn't that a kid's book? Cheese & Boots.

  18. Sure Mike, I'll send all the pictures of cheese to you. And #14, too.



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