Friday, December 31, 2010

We Chose One With Lots of Pretty Buttons and Dials

Christmas was hectic, but lovely. M's family got to enjoy our company until Christmas Day, when we got in the car and drove down to visit my family. I received the most Christmas presents of anyone, but still felt I needed one more.

M and I bought a camera, not more sheet music. Although, sheet music would be great too.

Yep, I took a picture of a flashlight. That's how excited I was about the new camera.

This huge crane lives right next door to us. Whoever works up there has a very pretty Christmas tree.

Turku by night.

View from our window.

This old brick building also lives next door to us. They have ice.

Conversation held over this very dessert:
Z: I think I might have a brain tumor. I constantly use the wrong words when I mean something completely different. I even do it when I think.
M: You're probably just stupid.

Remember how I let my sister borrow my car? Remember what happened to it? This is probably the stupid in me at work, but I also let her borrow my bicycle. Want to take a guess as to which one is mine?


  1. Wheeee! I'm the first one to comment! And I have nothing to say. Damn. Oh wait, I wanted to ask if that picture was really of Turku at night, or if it was actually Turku at 2 in the afternoon? Oh, and that desert looks delicious. M is funny. And tell the truth, that's actually your car parked beside those bikes, isn't it?

    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas Lemmikki. And congratulations on convincing everyone you were good enough to deserve so many lovely presents!

  2. Ziva is good enough for all those presents and more, Nicky! If you girls were here, I'd slather you in presents. I laughed out loud at what your darling M said. It was awful, but awfully funny! I'm happy you had a lovely holiday with the fam. And your new camera takes awesome shots! Now, you just need to post one from the sauna.

  3. I recognize that old brick building in your most-excellent photo! Why, I don't know, but it'll come to me eventually. Unless I have a brain tumor. Or I'm stupid. Which I could be.

    Have I told you how much I love chocolate? I totally love it. I do.

  4. Happy New Year! When I was in NYC this past week after the blizzard, we saw a guy and girl digging out their car with a dustpan and a piece of cardboard. Hope you had a shovel.

  5. Nicky: Wheeee! You're the first to comment! And yes, I drive a tiny little European car that I park next to the bikes.

    Linda: Awww, I wish I were there so you could slather me in presents! M is very funny, isn't he. That's why I love him.

    MikeWJ: Perhaps you lived in Finland your youth and worked in that old brick building? You could have forgotten, you know. You proably just have a brain tumor.

    Lauren: Happy New Year Lauren! We did have a shovel. Well, M had a shovel and I held the camera. I like to call it delegating.

  6. Congrats on the new camera!

    I'm so sorry about your buried bike.....and car. ;-(

    I love the winter wonderland photos but I was hoping there would be one of M wearing that dessert.

  7. New toys are so much fun, aren't they?? And that dessert looks absolutely decadent! Which reminds me, I have to make a chocolate cheesecake soon (did I mention I need to gain 5kg's).


    Have a great, safe and Happy New Year!

  8. Hope that means we're going to see more pictures from you in the New Year! (Memo to self: do NOT, in any circumstances let Ziva's sister borrow my car or bike.)

  9. Reffie: Thank you! M never had a chance to wear the dessert, I ate it faster than you can say "stop eating that dessert!"

    00dozo: Oh my lord, I have a recipe for this absolutely divine cheesecake with a mudcake base. I think I'm going to have to make it while it's still winter and I can wear thick coats to cover up the fat.

    Boom Boom: I'll defintiely be taking more pictures with my fancy new camera. I can't promise they'll be any good, but I'll try to hold the camera steady. Happy New Year!

  10. Very pretty pictures. My family dispair of my lack of ability with a camera. I got very few presents this year. Aside from a 'phone to replace the one the girls appear to have trodden on (and I couldn't make that bloody thing work either) nothing requires batteries or a manual.

    They have the measure of me.

    Happy blooging (like blogging only pronounced by Dutch people) in 2011, Z.

  11. Oh, Im so excited for your new camera! And wow, I've NEVER seen a Christmas Tree on top of a crane like that.

    Happy New Year, Ziva!

  12. Jon way over in France: Thank you very much, I'm so looking forward to actually being able to take lots of pictures without seeing my blurry finger in every picture.

    Meleah: Happy New Year! I love the guy who puts up that tree on the crane. The crane's been there for so long this is the second Christmas there's a tree up there. I'm pretty sure the crane operator lives up there all year around.



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