Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Commitment

Today I have a very important announcement to make, but first a little side note for those of you who are interested in what kind of camera M and I bought. We parted with a whole bunch of money and received a Canon EOS 500D (called EOS Rebel T1i in North America) in return. We also got an 18-135 mm lens and a 50 mm f/1.8 II lens.


Ever since that undetermined date in December of 2008 when M and I became a couple, I have longed to hear those four magic words. With bated breath I have awaited the most important question of all, and longed for M to get down on one knee, take my hand into his, look deep into my eyes and pose the million dollar question:

“Do you want fish?”

Yes, that is correct, M and I are thinking about being pet owners. We’re (probably) going to take my grandma’s old fish tank and are currently fighting over what kind of fish to put in it. I want only black fish, but M seems to think the orange and blue ones are pretty too. I’ll get my black fish, though, I know M secretly has a little Emo tucked away inside him.

In all fairness, this massive commitment didn’t just happen over night. Our road to pet ownership started ages ago. I knew M wasn’t a pet person, so I knew it would take a lot to get him to agree to anything at all. I started big. I told M I wanted a Leonberger.

After much nagging from my part, we eventually agreed that I could get one of these if and when we move to a bigger home. Then I told M I wanted a cat while I waited for the Leonberger to happen.

After much nagging from my part, M eventually said that he might be okay with a cat, as long as it wasn’t evil. Total deal breaker for me, of course. Then my grandma offered us her old fish tank, and after much nagging from my part, M finally agreed to give it a try. Now we just have to agree on what to put in it. The way we’re headed I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with a frog, or a turtle, or a kangaroo, instead of fish.

Oh, I almost forgot; we also got engaged.



  1. Holy Cow, Ziva! Congratulations! I'm so excited! When is the wedding? I want to come! Please invite me okay? I promise I'll bring a wonderful wedding gift. And I'm really happy about your fish tank too. You'll have such fun with your pets. I got a bunch of black mollies. They breed like rabbits but then the big fish eat the babies. It's kind of tragic really. Never mind! Kiss M for me too! I'm so happy for you both!!!

  2. I'm back again. I really just couldn't have gotten better news than this to start off 2011. Is your sister making your dress? Did your Mom cry when you told her? I just want more details! Come on!

  3. By the way, I want a Leonberger too! I met one named Max and fell in love instantly. They are so big and sweet!

  4. You know, maybe I'll just stay here all day.

  5. Very droll way of giving the news -- and extremely successful too. Had me laughing. Congratulations.

    Just one question. Why did you photograph the ring box while it was sitting on M's naked stomach?

  6. Frank! You made me go back and look!

  7. Linda: You're hilarious! And you're very welcome to stay here all day, but I'm going to bed soon, I have to get up very early tomorrow.

    We haven't set a date yet, but M wants a summer wedding, so you'll probably have to wait at least a year and a half. My mom didn't cry, but I think M's mom did after I hung up the phone. She really likes me. My sister will definitely be making my dress, I know she'll do an amazing job. And I'm so lucky to have someone in my family who can make me my dream dress. Of course, I have no idea what kind of dress I want yet, but still.

    I want big black fish in the tank, but the tank is tiny so I don't know if they'd be very happy fish. And I love Leonbergers so much! I'm still hoping to convince M we could just get a Leonberger to put in the tank. Well, maybe not in the tank..

    Frank: Thank you! I honestly didn't think anyone would recognize the fur as M's naked stomach. I'm totally busted. Oh well, at least now you know M's a natural blond.

  8. Lemmikki!! Congratulations! I'm so very, very happy for you! Wow, you must be so excited...hell, I'm still in shock! I can only imagine how your family must feel. Did you get all emotional? Do you still get all emotional thinking about it? I mean, really, just think, after all this time, you're finally getting fish!

    So awesome.

  9. Oh, I almost forgot; good luck with that whole marriage thing :-)

  10. The Leonberger could stay in the tank for a few days at least. He could warm it up for the fish. What is Nicky thinking? Fish make her emotional? Fish don't make me that emotional. Except for Jake and Snow that is. Star crossed fish love affairs just break my heart.

  11. Seriously, gorgeous, I'm ecstatic for you! And can you pass along a little message to M for me? Tell him it's about freakin' time! :-)

  12. Hey Linda! You're still here LOL!

  13. Nicky: I love you, you crack me up! Thinking about our future together really does make me emotional. I mean, how am I supposed to be able to take care of a bunch of tiny, tiny creatures that depend on me for everything? At least M can feed himself. Message passed along, by the way. He didn't have anything to say, he was too busy trying to work the can opener.

    Linda: No one knows what Nicky's thinking. I think she sometimes forgets to take her medicine. And now I'm really, really going to bed.

  14. Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Ziva!

    (BTW... I keep a box turtle in my old fish tank... a very easy pet to care for.)

  15. So happy! (You're getting a dog, right?)

  16. Congratulations, Ziva! You will invite the fish to the wedding, right?

  17. Boom Boom: Thanks! Perhaps we'll just get a turtle, I bet they're happy pets.

    middle child: I'm happy too! I can't wait to have a dog!

    00dozo: Sure Double-O, I'll walk down the aisle with a bowl of fish in my hands instead of flowers.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    PS: Canon camera's are The Best!

  19. Oh you got me! At first I was all oh yeah black fish ... Eeek!! evil! Congratulations Ziva!!! How awesome!!!

  20. You waited until the very last line to casually mention that you got engaged. LOL! Love it. Congratulations!!!! I always knew that pet fish were a precursor to matrimony. You can always get an evil cat if you decide that the pet fish thing isn't going along swimmingly.

  21. Meleah: Thank you!! I'm pretty excited too. ;) And M and I thought long and hard before we decided we are definitely Canon people.

    Mrsblogalot: Thank you so much! This post was quite the emotial rollercoaster, wasn't it?

    Lauren: We're having such a hard time deciding on the fish that we may yet just skip the fish and get a cat right away. Perhaps we'll even make it the ring bearer.

  22. OMFG! A guy does away to the northern wilds for a week and when he comes back he hears that you got fish. And a really nice camera. And engaged. I have so many questions and things to say I don't know where to start.

    First, can I please be your bridesmaid? I want your sister to create a lovely chiffon dress for me. I promise not to draw attention to myself so that your friends and family can focus on you and M.

    Second, I have warned you guys that all of that smooching and loving leads to engagement which leads to marriage which leads to kids which pretty much leads to the end of all that smooching and loving and having any money to do anything fun like buy new cameras and pets. But did you listen to me? No, you did not. Nobody ever does.

    Oh, and congratulations. I don't know M very well, but I'm of the strong opinion that he married up. Way up. Lucky bastard.

  23. I meant goes away to the northern wilds. Not does away.

  24. I don't really care what Michael wears to the wedding, as long as he brings the royal scepter.

  25. Oh, my, my. You got fished?

    Wait. That's not right. You went fishing and M got caught?

    Hee Hee.

    Congrats, Ziva!

    Don't worry about the cookies at your wedding. I'll take care of it.

    Oh, and that cat? Scary. Very scary.

  26. They Royal Scepter always travels with me. I have a staff that keeps it shined up, too.

  27. MikeWJ: For the pure joy of seeing you in a chiffon dress, I will make you my bridesmaid. Just don't do anything embarrassing like faint in the church or something.

    Hmm, no smooching or loving or cameras or pets, you say? That doesn't sound like fun at all... I guess have some thinking to do.. But it's not like I promised to marry him or anything..

    Linda: I'll only let him bring the royal scepter if I'm the only one allowed to wield it.

    Reffie: Yup, I totally went fishing. Caught myself a pretty nice one, too. You're so sweet to offer to make the cookies at the wedding! Chocolate chip is my favorite.

  28. I'll just be interested to see if Michael can get through airport security with that thing.

  29. Oh, oh! I can't wait for you two to get married! And I have a lovely gift for you, too!

    I do have trouble in airports, though. The scanners freak out, and the people who do the pat downs always reach my inner right thigh and think I'm packing heat. Which I am, but not the kind that'll kill you. Unless you have a weak heart, of course.

  30. Damn! Here he goes again. And I figured Michael for a guy who would dress to the left. Find out something new every day.

  31. MikeWJ: A lovely gift? It doesn't happen to be a pair of women's Cate the Great boots, size 6, does it?

    Linda: You know, I never really considered if Mike was a lefty or a righty, but now that you mention it, it's cleary something I should have thought about more.

  32. Squeeeee!!!

    Oh, I'm so happy I didn't stay away long enough to miss this announcement.


    So sorry I'm late! But I'm excited enough to make up for it.

  33. Rena: Hehe, your excitement defintiely makes up for your lateness. In fact, your excitement could probably make up for yours and several other people's lateness.



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