Friday, December 17, 2010

Call me Zeus

I can affect the weather. You might think that’s a pretty grand statement, but I’m merely telling you the truth. The weather is clearly just as prone to mood swings as I am. This is what the thermometer in M’s car said last night:

-7 °F

And this is what the thermometer said 18 hours later:

32 °F

Oddly enough, 39 °F is exactly the degree of my own mood swings from day to day. The weather gods must truly love me. I even made these delicious carrot-flecked dinner rolls to celebrate my climatic gift.

Then I arranged them in a big pyramid to emulate the snow lantern I haven’t yet been able to make.

In order to make the weather a little warmer, I decided to change my own body temperature a little, and warmed up the sauna.

160 °F

Winter should be over by tomorrow, just wait. *


  1. You may want to rethink that sauna idea when menopause rolls around. Heh, heh.


  2. Um, Zeus? Could you work your godly weather magic over here too? And bring some of those rolls. Yum.

  3. I really would love to have two of those rolls! And Zeus, while you are at it, can we have sunny and 67 for Christmas? It would mean a lot to me!

    I'm not surprised at your powers. I am surprised you are only just now mentioning them!

  4. Santa Zeus can you please send over a blanket and a fan?... (I have high hopes for a warm mood swing (-:)

  5. Yeah, good luck with that. It may end tomorrow but it starts again December 21st over here. Thanks Zeus.

  6. Give it up. Head south. I hear Australia is warm right now.

    The rolls look great but I stopped here for cookies.

  7. I'd probably throw rocks instead of bake rolls after a mood swing. Actually, I just scream a lot. I asked Santa for a sauna for Christmas. Do think the elves will finish it before Saturday?

  8. 00dozo: Menopause? I'm counting on at least 30 more years of enjoyable sauna time before menopause rolls around.

    Nicky: Of course, what do you want? Warmer, colder? More snow, less snow? Frogs falling from the sky?

    Linda: I already ate the rolls... Sorry about that. I'll see what I can do about 67 and sunny for Christmas, though! Although, I have to say I would be devastated if we had 67 and sunny on Christmas. I guess snow on Christmas is the only good thing Finnish weather brings.

    MikeWJ: Exactly.

    Mrsblogalot: A blanket and a fan... Check!

    Noname: Don't tell anyone, but I don't think the sauna thing worked. We're at -10°C again and it'll only get colder.

    Reffie: Australia sounds lovely, but I really can't imagine Christmas without snow. Basically, all I need is snow that stays frozen no matter how hot it gets.

    Lauren: Did you commission Finnish elves for the sauna? If you did, I'm sure you'll have your sauna on Christmas Day. If you chose those slackers from China, I wouldn't bet on it.

  9. Christmas with out snow sucks.You must endure a bit minus degrades otherwise the snow could melt.

  10. Linda, do you mean Gustaf Erik Magnusson, the World War II ace fighter pilot, or Georg Henrik von Wright, whose 1951 books, "An Essay in Modal Logic" and "Deontic Logic," were landmarks in the post-war rise of formal modal logic and its deontic version?

  11. Rares: You are very right, of course. But does it have to be -20C? I'm pretty sure the snow would survive in -1C too...

    Boom Boom: Come on over! I'll make some more rolls and perhaps warm up some glögg as well.

    Linda: I've been kidnapped by M's family. We drove through snowy Finland today and arrived here at M's parents' a few hours ago. Luckily, they have Internet here, so I'll try to post something soon.

    MikeWJ: Silly old fuck, she's talking about me! (I'm calling you old because where I'm at it's past midnight which means today is the 22nd. Happy birthday, Mike!)

  12. Oh Ziva, I mean Zeus, those carrot-flecked dinner rolls really DO look delicious!

  13. Meleah: I'd send you some, but if they got held up in customs I'm afraid they'd be mold-flecked dinner rolls by the time they got to you.



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