Monday, October 4, 2010

Note to self: must start doing my Kegel exercises

I never get sick. I shared this fact with M a week ago when he was coughing and blowing his nose. One kiss later I was down for the count. In the last week I’ve produced mucus by the bucket-load, slept only during the day and made a very decent attempt at coughing my intestines out. My throat is hurting, my ears are hurting, my abs are hurting even worse than after those workouts I pretend to do all the time and my brain has seen better days.

I’ll be back with more inspired writing once I can breathe again. *


  1. Oh Damn Honey! I really hope you get over this soon. Why did you kiss M when he was sick? I hope he is fine now and taking care of you. And yeah, Kegel is good!

  2. I think I'm contaminated just from reading that post. TMI (too much influenza)

  3. Excuse me.

    OK. I'm back. I had to wash my hands.


    I'm so sorry you're ill. I'll send positive thoughts your way.

  4. Quite a mis-leading title you posted. Ah well.

  5. Have you seen your doctor? (I'm scolding you here.) Also, to comment on the title for this post, Might I say, could be worse. You could be one who farts when they cough, not that I know anything about that. Shut-up! No, may not ask my grandkids about that.

  6. Wait a minute. Vaginal barbells? WTF? That really is TMI

  7. Poor Lemmikki! I hope you feel better soon. That's really not as sympathetic as it sounds. I just really don't want to hear about your mucus again. I adore you, you know that, but phlegm is kind of a turn off :-)

  8. I have a cold too and I'm kinda mucusy. I actually tried some Kegel exercises, and they helped a lot. Still have a cold though.

  9. Hope you're feeling better. Laid up here too with something caught from my plague carrying kids. Ah well. Probably isn't fatal.

  10. Linda: I kissed him because he was all miserable and I honestly didn't think I even could get sick. Serves me right for being stupid.

    Reffie: Thanks for those positive thoughts, I think they might have worked because I'm feeling much better today.

    California Girl: I promise next time I refer to Kegels in the title I'll write about the sexual benefits, not peeing while coughing.

    middle child: Hehe, if you fart while you cough you can at least provide some comic relief for others.

    nonamedufus: Vaginal barbells are too much influenza? That doesn't make any sense.

    Nicky: Oh, I think I'll have to work on my bedroom talk. No phlegm, check.

    mike: The Kegel exercises didn't help your cold? That's strange. I'm not coughing nearly as much now. Are you sure you're doing it right?

    Jon: I'm sorry to hear you have kids, that's a bummer. Oh, and I'm so sorry about the cold as well, here's to hoping it's not a real plague.

  11. Yikes. Being sick like that is awful. I hope your feeling better by now. :)

  12. Meleah: I am feeling much better now, thanks!



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