Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hunt For White October

All over Finland the first snow has fallen. Everywhere except where I live. I’m not sure if I’m happy about this or not, but when I heard about the snow I actually had to drag my ass outside to see if we’re really that close to winter already and if I could find any white stuff. I found the air cold and crisp, and the world looking like this:

Mostly red, and a little yellow. No white.

Mostly yellow, with splotches of red. No white.

Mostly brownish yellow. No white. And clearly no one who rakes up the leaves.

Red and green. Looks more like summer than winter.

White!! But it looks suspiciously nothing like snow.

I drew the very scientific conclusion that it wasn't very wintery, but not exactly summery either. My guess? We’re not getting any snow until November. Damn gulf stream making the coast all warm and toasty.

But apart from no snow at all, another amazing thing has happened. I have finally won something I’ve been trying to win for the better part of a year. I’ve won the coveted captioning contest hosted by the fabulous Dufus who shall not be named. This week, I be hangin' with nonamedufus. You may worship me now.



  1. Congrats Ziva!! Dufus is always fun to hang out with.

    You are a woman after my own heart - I love the snow too but, alas, it don't reach here. By the way, what are those pretty white flowers/bulby thingies?

  2. 00dozo: Thanks! I have no idea what the white bulby things are called. They grow on bushes everywhere. And if you pick them off and step on them they make a fun popping sound.

  3. Holy Cow, Ziva! You are a winner! I mean, I already knew you were a winner, but now it's official! I'm not sure what it means but I know it's a good thing.

    Your leaves and flower are so pretty. Don't worry Little Snow Bunny, you'll be freezing and snowed on in no time!

  4. Linda: I might be snowed in by tomorrow, apparently we're getting snow during the night! At least it will be below freezing and it will rain. I think that means snow, although it's several months since I saw snow last so I might have forgotten how it works.

  5. Congrats on winning the caption contest. I used to do the one at Me-Me's. I'll check out Dufus.

    Are you sure you really want snow? The first snow is pretty but then after the thirtieth snowfall, I don't want to look at it anymore. Although, snow is useful at night. It serves as a replacement for street lights, which we don't have where I live.

    We're having a nor-easter tomorrow with rain. I'm sick of rain. Some people call rain liquid sunshine but all I see are clouds.

  6. 'grats on winning!

    And isn't fall an awesome season? It can be cold and crisp, but as long as the leaves and colors are visible, I'll take it.

    Weird. Fall looks the same in Finlandia as it does in Canadia. Except for that white thing. We don't have those guys.

  7. Congratulations my brilliant friend! I supplicate before you. Our Ziva, who art in Finland, hallowed be Thy name! I am not worthy (although my comment also got mentioned) of your soon-to-be-snowy, frozen attention. I will now light a candle at the sauna-shaped altar I have built in your honour. Hail Ziva, full of lace...

  8. Congrats on your hanging caption win!

    The fall photos are beautiful. I hope the snow stays away for awhile longer.

  9. Ziva you're the Diva of captioning. Well done. Oh, and good luck with that winter thing. I'm in no hurry to pull out the longjohns.

  10. Hail Ziva, full of lace! I can live with that one!

  11. Lauren: Thanks, you really should check him out! I love rain. It's liquid depression and makes me feel so at home. Snow is pretty, but you're very right; by February I'll hate it with a vengeance.

    mike: I love fall in Finland. I love the colors and the rain and the fact that +2 degrees feels cold because the -20 weather still hasn't ruined my sense of hot and cold. I bet I would love fall in Canada as well. I think Canada and Finland are very similar, except for the fact that Finland isn't America's bitch.

    Nicky: Absolutely wonderful. This is the only reason I have friends; so they can worship me and build altars in my honor.

    Reffie: Thanks! If winter comes knocking I'll send it your way and you can send it back when you're done with it.

    dufus: Thank you, thank you. Longjohns are my best friend.

    Linda: Awesome!

  12. Congrats Ziva!! That's awesomeness. The photos of the leaves changing color are so pretty! And I am NOT looking forward to any snow falling over here!

  13. Meleah: Thanks! And don't worry, I'm sure Finland will be getting all the snow in the world. There won't be anything left for you.

  14. I've always worshipped you, my dear. But then you already knew that, didn't you? I hope you get some snow soon, although then I'll have to read 10 months of posts about how fucking cold and dark it is in Finland.

  15. MikeWJ: I'm counting on you worshipping me, I can't be sure anyone else does, so you're my fail-safe. I hope we get snow too, then it won't be half as dark as it is now. But it can't snow before I've change the tires on my car.

  16. Oh, I'm so embarrassed! I just realized what a great headline this post has. More worship headed your way, Ziva.

  17. MikeWJ: This is good, worship is something best taken in small doses throughout the day. Please feel free to come back any minute now and notice something else that warrants worshipping.



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