Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 8th 6.825.600 seconds, babe!

Sometime in December or January M and I will have been together for 2 years. I don’t know when exactly it will be, because I have no idea when we decided we weren’t casually dating and actually became a couple. Last year we didn’t really celebrate any anniversary, but I’m sure once we get married we’ll probably become like every other couple and celebrate our relationship once every 365 or 366 days.

I don’t like the inconsistency of time in general. One minute is 60 seconds, 60 minutes is one hour, 24 hours is one day, 7 days is one week, and 30 days is one month. Or 31 days if it’s a particularly generous month. Or 28 days if it’s February, because we all know February is a little special. Or 29 days if February is feeling particularly giving. And to get an entire year you need a very unscientific number of months, weeks and days. Crazy, I tell you. It’s like the powers to be sat down, chose a bunch of random numbers and called it time. Kind of like Americans did with weight and distance.

Time, it confuses me.

So why is that one year is the appropriate time to celebrate? I think M and I are going to be a little original and celebrate every 100 days. Or maybe every 6.825.600 seconds. Yeah, that would be good. I would get diamonds much more often. *


  1. My wife and I are so close we celebrate our being together every day. (She's looking over my shoulder right now.)

  2. If you become overwhelmed with diamonds, I will take some. Thanks.


  3. I think, if M was really smart, he would celebrate by giving you a lovely gift, maybe alternate between diamonds and chocolate, every 28 days, roughly.

  4. After installing our anniversary as our burglar alarm code, to prevent any lapses in memory, I informed my husband that the first anniversary was the diamond anniversary. Also the second, third, and so on. And every year he takes me to watch a baseball game. It's all working out so far.

  5. Happy Metricversary - or Chronoversary (?) and many more!

  6. nonamedufus: How sweet. I bet she's with you all the time, even when you sleep.

    Reffie: Hehe, you're funny. Like that's ever going to happen.

    Nicky: He already has the chocolate thing down, I think he can sense the bitch in me trying to get out and he immediately gets me chocolate. Now I'll just have to teach him diamonds have the same effect.

    Murr Brewster: Awesome, I like that way you think!

    00dozo: Crap, I didn't realize I can't call it an anniversary if it's not an annual thing. I guess we'll just have to say, "Happy Random Period of Time!"

  7. I got sapphires this year. You just never have enough gem stones. I like diamonds but I'm also partial to black pearls. And rubies! We can't forget rubies! And emeralds! I love emeralds! And chocolate! And shoes! Wait! I'm getting carried away and that's not like me. Happy spending about 2 years together as a couple! Time is weird, like who said this is the first day of time and I'm making it a Sunday. Excuse me! It could have just as easily been a Wednesday, couldn't it?

  8. Linda: Oh my, rubies! I want rubies! And emeralds! And sapphires! And black pearls! And chocolate! And shoes!! Wait, now I'm getting carried away too. I need to calm down. Maybe make M read these comments...

    Time should have started on a Wednesday, you are absolutely right.

  9. It works for me. A diamond every 100 days. It's got Hallmark potential. Congratulations on your two or whenever year anniversary.

    Personally, I have no sense of time, especially in the morning. It jumps ahead when I'm not paying attention. It almost feels like time traveling, not that I've ever had the good fortune to experience that phenomenon, except when sleeping. I close my eyes and when I open them, I'm in another realm. I guess I'm watching too much Dr. Who. : )

  10. How cute, two years. We've been together twenty years!
    We also celebrate when we feel like it - once a year would be far too rarely...
    I'd love to have eight days in a week - a longer weekend.
    How about a new law? They know how make laws in this country!!! oh, boy...

  11. Lauren: I think sleeping is the universe's way of fucking with us. Nothing confuses me as much as sleeping and what happens to time while I'm doing it.

    BLOGitse: 20 years, that's a long time together, I'm happy you still celebrate. :) 8 days a weeks sounds like a great idea. And perhaps a few more hours in every day too. I don't doubt the Finnish government could make it happen.

  12. Now I really wish I was dating someone so I could borrow your your 100 day anniversary diamond idea!

  13. Meleah: If M actually starts giving me diamonds every 100 days I'll eventually run out of places to put them and will have to start giving them away. If you sign up now I'll probably be able you some no later than 2022.

  14. I thought I'd commented on this post. But I guess I didn't. Sorry.

  15. I have to go through a comment approval process now? WTF? Listen, if I'm not good enough for you, Ziva, just say it straight up.

  16. MikeWJ: That's what happens when you're late. Be here on time and you won't have to go through the moderation process next time.

    It's okay, though, you don't have to apologize. You're excused this time.



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