Friday, October 2, 2009

Denial ain't just a River in Egypt

This is the time of year when we start telling ourselves that summer wasn’t that much fun anyway and that temperatures below freezing are a nice change. This is also the time of year when you can start telling which students are foreign just by looking at what they wear.

When the temperature drops in the fall, local students sport sensible fall wear - perfectly in tune with the weather. And this is no small feat. Fall over here is like a schizophrenic on acid. One minute everything is peachy keen, the sun is shining and birds are singing. The next moment it's raining cats and dogs and everything that isn't bolted down gets a free air ride. And we're not talking happy summer rain either. This is rain that's so cold it makes Antarctica sound like a fun place. This is rain that doesn't obey by the umbrella laws, it moves horizontally and freezes your face clean off. You can always tell who got caught in the rain by the look of sheer horror on their frozen faces.

Anyway, what I was saying is that local students can adapt to these freak conditions. Foreign students get confused. The first time the temperature drops below 10C, that's 50F for my metric-challenged readers, foreign students run out and buy the biggest, baddest winter coat they can find and spend the next 10 months looking like the Michelin man. Sometimes I feel a little sorry for them, but mostly I just gather my friends and play this game we like to call “Spot the foreign kid.” I also like to tell them that in a few more months the ground will be covered in three feet of snow and that the temperature will have dropped to -10C. That’s 14F for those of you who don’t use proper units. The look of dread on their faces is hilarious.

Oh and a little update on the death machine: The death machine is working perfectly. Nowadays, I just have to think about blow drying my hair after a shower and my hair will automatically dry itself and fall in perfect curls down my back. In fact, after that first time of using the death machine, my hair has been in a state of chock and it doesn’t even become wet anymore. Best buy ever! *


  1. Well, dear I have to say that your game sounds like fun. However I have to tell you that it has already snowed where I live and it did stick around over night and into the next afternoon. Unfortunately around here, January and February are known for frequenting the negative numbers of the Farenhiet scale. Children think it is hot enought to removed their jackets to play outside when the temperature reaches about 30 degrees give or take. Aww heat, it's just realitive to where you are.

  2. Damn, I'm so happy it hasn't snowed over here yet. But sadly January and February aren't any warmer over here either, we get temperatures well into the negative numbers on the Fahrenheit scale as well. But I am, however, happy to tell you that mostly our kids keep their clothes on even after the weather warms up to a balmy 30 degress, lol.

  3. Well, yesterday half of the state was closed (okay so it was the freeway but it might as well have been) Cheyenne, Wyoming (total oposite side of the state from me) got a crazy 10 inches of snow over night. We of course just got the lovely mid 20's weather. Have fun in New York.

  4. LOL, that's crazy. We get lots of snowy days when you wake up and have to brush up to 10 inches of snow off the car, but I've never known anything to be closed just because of a little snow. That must have been some storm. Good thing it didn't hit your part of the state.

    And New York was lovely. :)



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