Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And The Winners Are...

I was recently informed that it's been two weeks since the end of Bob, aka 30 Days of Photographs IV. Two weeks! Where did the time go? I have no idea, but I can only assume time flies when you're enjoying life again. My stress levels are back on an acceptable level, my blood pressure is okay again, and I've stopped dreaming about three-headed fire-breathing cameras.

I've pretty much repressed everything about this challenge, but I have this nagging feeling that MikeWJ and I promised we'd pick our favorite photos of the entire bunch and give them some extra love.

Well, a promise is a promise, and this time we're actually keeping ours. Mostly, though, because Nicky kept pestering us to declare our winners already. Oddly enough, she seemed to think that making out with one of the hosts (me), and bribing the other one with cheese (MikeWJ) would bring her the win... Canadians, eh?

There were so many talented bloggers participating in the challenge, it was incredibly difficult for MikeWJ and I to choose our favorite photos. Some were funny, some were deep, some were pensive and some were just weird. Every single one of you impressed us with your talent and your creativity, and we loved the feeling of togetherness Bob forced upon us all.  We wanted to honor every single of you, but alas, we couldn't choose all five or six hundred photos for our favorites. Believe us, we tried, but Blogger temporarily iced my account for trying to post hundreds of photos in the same post. Who'd have thought.

But I digress. When MikeWJ and I first started this challenge, it was all about the photography. About taking as good a photo as possible, inspired by the prompts we chose. We spent hours trying to get the perfect light, perfect angle for our shot. We carried our huge and impractical cameras everywhere and competed fiercely to take the better photo. 

As time went by, more people joined, and the prompts grew more and more outlandish. The challenge became less about photography and more about having fun, about making friends, and about making up creative stories as to how our photo tied together with the theme of the day. While MikeWJ and I love the way the challenge has evolved, we decided to choose the winners of the challenge based on photographic merit. We chose photos we were impressed by, that showed creativity and talent.

So, without further ado, here are our choices:

First, we have Janine's lovely, if very sepia tinted, photo of a ladder. She took this photo for "Rising" on Day 26. We like it because it takes you back to another place and time. It's beautifully composed and for once, sepia is the perfect choice.

Next up we have CheesyMike's photo of his lover, who apparently happens to be a weird Victorian freak with a very misshapen beak. He took this photo for Lover on Day 28, and it's one of our favorites because not only is the composition perfect, but Mike also managed to capture the freak in a very interesting pose that gives the photo that little extra.

Jay impressed us with this photo taken for the theme of Tolstoy on Day 23. The leading lines and the shallow depth of field makes this photo visually stunning and absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. 

On Day 17 for My Junk, PJ posted this beautiful photo of fallen apples and tried to convince us that they were junk. A terrible explanation, but gorgeous photo. It's another stunning example of how to use leading lines and shallow depth of field, and the colors are wonderful.

Last but definitely not least, we have Babs, who took the most impressive photo of a butterfly we have ever seen, for the theme of Transparent. This one is definitely worth looking at in full screen. The water drops on the butterfly are amazing, right down to the light reflected in them. A stunning photo, and a perfect note to end on.

Sadly, MikeWJ and I both bought houses in September, which has left us dirt poor and unable to reward these awesome photographers with anything but a virtual pat on the back and one of those scrapbooks that one woman keeps asking me to give away to my readers in exchange for my soul and a little advertisement. But I hope you all know that if we had the means, we would almost definitely consider sending our winners some kind of prize.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all that played. I hope to see every single one of you next time again.



  1. Janine's is definitely one of my favorites of the challenge. (Sepia doesn't bother me in the least.) I think I speak for all of us on #teamlame when I say thanks for letting those of us without fancy cameras join in the fun and try to mess things up with silly photos!

  2. Babs photo is a worthy choice. The best of many great photos everyone took this month.
    I thought for sure my two birds one stone picture would be up there though.

  3. Boom Boom, the challenge would be incredibly boring without #teamlame! You guys make this challenge awesome, and I think your rubber chickens deserve an award of their own. ;)

  4. Great choices, all were amazing shots.

  5. Whoa! Those are some great pics! That butterfly is amazing. I came here thinking "I could have beat all of them!" but I am humbled. :)

  6. These are some of my favourites too. I'm honoured to have my pic chosen amongst the top five.

    I had such fun during this challenge. We had a really good mix of photographic talent and humour. I look forward to the next one.

  7. Great choices. This was a lot of fun.

  8. Nice choices. I would have chosen 5 of mine but hey. Boy that was the month that was, wasn't it.

  9. I am so honored to be up there with such fantastic company that I don't know what to say, so I'll just say 'thank you'. Oh and, count me in for the next one (just not quite yet).

  10. I love all of these images SO VERY MUCH. And I had such a wonderful time playing along with everyone!

    When is the next challenge?!! lolz

  11. Personally, I think one of you should have created a sweet banner thing winners could display on their sites. Sheesh. Dirt poor.

    On another note, I stick to my guns -- most of those apples were mushy, covered in insects or partially eaten. Junk. The good apples were still on the trees!



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