Sunday, August 18, 2013

No, You're Not Having A Nightmare, This Is Happening


It’s time again.

MikeWJ and I are going to be making your lives miserable once more.

We thought long and hard about what to call it. “Hell on Earth” was one suggestion. So were 30 Days of Hell, 30 Days of Gehenna, 30 Days You’ll Never Get Back, and 30 Days of What The Fuck. A few of our favorites included 30 Days Until My Divorce, 30 Days That Feel Like 300 Days, and Bob.

In the end, though, we settled on the practical and un-threatening 30 Days of Photographs IV.

Let the fun begin.

We start on September 1st, whether you’re ready or not. There will be a linky thing here on my blog each day, where you can link up and find the other participants. There are a shitload of rules, of course, many of which include some sort of offering to the photo gods, a.k.a. MikeWJ and I. We accept most forms of payment, chocolate, livestock, Russian mail order brides – you name it.

Photos have to be new. MikeWJ and I will be downloading each image and checking the EXIF data for the date when the photo was taken, and if we deem it too old, we will be requiring extra bribes and some serious sucking up.

Your photos may be accompanied by a short text or story or poem about MikeWJ and/or myself. Make it good, but be warned, anyone who rhymes will be subject to severe sanctions.

And last, the list:

1. Ice Cream
2. Illuminate
3. Soft
4. Backwards
5. Mushroom
6. Two Birds, One Stone
7. Seven
8. Texture
9. Disguise
10. Close-up
11. Girly
12. Tremor
13. Wrong
14. NSFW
15. China
16. Biblical
17. My Junk
18. Always
19. Never
20. Transparent
21. Anatomy
22. Frustration
23. Tolstoy
24. Carnival
25. Poison
26. Rising
27. NSEW
28. Lover
29. Circle
30. Happily Ever After

No one's obligated to play, but you really should. No one likes a severed horse's head in their bed. Now, please pass this along to seven people in your contact list, or you will have seven years of bad luck.



  1. "Bird" made the list! Hallelujah! I've finally won MikeWJ over to the dark side. Yeehaw!

    Now about the other 29 prompts,


  2. Huzzah. This is exactly what I need! YAY. I am totally IN.

  3. Oh. Dear. God.

    Well, at least I can use the same photo for NSFW and My Junk.

  4. I'll do one better and give a link back and mention in my next post prior to 9/1.

    Would have loved to do the "Bob" photo challenge, perhaps that will be the name of your Year 5.

    I like your quirky prompts.

  5. Showing my ignorance, I will ask, what is NSFW? Also, is NWSE meant to be NSEW? I'm a beginner here.

  6. I'm up for the "Bob" challenge. I think.

  7. I'm out! Doing my own thing. Have a nice day!

  8. Ha! MikeWJ did bitch about it when I suggested it, but luckily, he saw reason.

  9. =D I think I'm going to need two separate photos. Maybe a different angle...

  10. Thanks, Tami! We're really happy to have you on board. :) Next year, we're totally doing a Bob.

  11. You know, Babs, you are absolutely right. It's supposed to be NSEW, Serves me right for not proofreading the list.

    A little bit of googling should tell you that NSFW is a wonderful little acronym for Not Safe For Work. ;)

  12. I already told Mike. Count me in. I need a reason to fling myself off a mountain. I mean, I need a dose of creativity.

  13. I'm going to jump in with my flippers and nose plug.

  14. What? You didn't include "whip" as a prompt?

  15. Heh heh - doing a Bob (best Beavis & Butthead chuckle).

    Soooo, what is NSEW? Thought I could google it and figure it out. I know what NSFW is already ~

    Here is my lnk to you-alls.

  16. Did you guys plot this during your visit, or later when you thought we would least suspect you? :)

    I CAN'T WAIT! I have a good "wrong" picture already... it is frightening!

  17. Okay -

    Um --- what does NSEW mean? Because when I google it - it just gives me the definition of NEWS.

  18. NSEW are the cardinal points; North South East West. It comes up when I google it, your google must be faulty. ;)

  19. Thanks for linking to us. Tami. :) NSEW means North South East West. You're free to interpret that whichever way you want. ;)

  20. Awesome, we're so glad to have you on the mountain with us!


    I thought it was initials for something.

    * hangs head in shame *

  22. Perfect! It's going to be the most fun anyone's ever had without lube and a unicycle.

  23. I thought it was implied in NSFW.

  24. Hah! You never know with Mike and I, it might very well have been short for Nine Sexy Easy Women. ;)

  25. Hehe, Mike and I were way too busy to plot photo challenges during my visit. ;) No, this all happened earlier this month in a weak moment of boredom. Now we deeply regret it, of course, but it's too late now.

    I don't have a single photo and you already have "wrong"? I feel so inadequate suddenly!

  26. Ah yet another prompt I can twist to suit my own purposes ...

  27. I soooooooo want to do this again this year but I have this infant who seems to want my attention anytime that I do something that directs my attention away from her.

    Bah! I'm gonna try anyway!

  28. I had to scroll through the comments below to see if I had already committed myself to participating. Or if I could still run away.
    Anything that starts off with ice cream can't be all that bad.

  29. Actually, you might not remember this, but you totally committed to this in a weak moment a while ago. Better go get some ice cream. ;)

  30. Awesome! We're happy to have you and your infant on board. ;)

  31. There's no chance I can do 30 days of photos. I just won't have it in me with so much going on ...

    That being said, I am going to try and do a handful of the days.

  32. A handful is better than nothing, PJ, I'm glad you're going to give it a go. :)



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