Sunday, September 30, 2012

If You Haven't Taken Any Photos Yet, Now Might Be A Good Time To Panic

It’s getting closer now, suckers lovely participants. 30 Days (not to be confused with 50 Shades, not that THAT wouldn’t be awesome,) will start on Monday. Because Michael and I are ridiculously lazy, we haven’t sent out any personal invitations to anyone, and therefore we would love it if you could help us spread the word. So if you know someone who might want to participate, or someone who might not hate to participate, or just someone who’s easily bribed into participating, send them over my way.

Here’s the list one more time. Please notice that we added a Day 31 for those of you who are pedantic enough to feel like you can’t do 30 days of photos when the month has 31 days. Day 31 is outtakes day, a day of looking back at the month that passed and feel grateful that we made it, and that we’re still alive. On Day 31 you can post any photos that you took during the month but didn’t fit a specific theme. Or you can choose not to post at all, that’s the beauty of no very few rules.

1. Shiny
2. Fast
3. Above my head
4. Sour
5. Lotion
6. Vibration
7. Craftsman
8. Hair
9. Rules
10. Stalker
11. Heavy
12. Five
13. Calm
14. Secret
15. My favorite food
16. Bullshit
17. Coins
18. Qwerty
19. Steel
20. Nails
21. Broken
22. Neutral
23. Underwater
24. M&M’s
25. Video
26. Heart
27. Kafkaesque
28. Autumn
29. The city
30. Blackout
31. Outtakes *


  1. Ah, was wondering where I was going to fit my prairie bonnet picture in - now I have it DAY 31!

  2. Oh wow, Day 31 is going to be SO awesome!

  3. I feel like I'm already behind! Took my first photos today.

  4. Camera's been locked, loaded, and shooting all through September. I've finally started shooting for these crazy-ass prompts. I'm saving my panic for Day 7.

  5. Ah Ziva. You did make me laugh with that title. As if I would panic NOW because I haven't taken a single picture. I prefer to wait until tomorrow morning, around 6 am, to start panicking. :-)

  6. Haha, don't worry, you'll catch up. I only have two photos myself. But I do have a few ideas, though..

  7. Oh wow, you're way ahead of me. I keep putting it off, even though I know it starts tomorrow!

  8. Hah! Good luck! You're going to need it. ;)

  9. Ziva, September has been a big month for photographing every thing in sight. Had such a rough summer that simply feeling good has made the world so inviting to capture. I'm just glad some of the things I shot work for some of the earliest prompts.



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