Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Masochistic Behavior

Last July, Michael Whiteman-Jones and I participated in a horribly stressful photo challenge that involved taking thirty photos in thirty days, based on some very vague daily prompts. This project consumed our every waking (and sleeping) moment for an entire month, and left us feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained by the time we were done. I would not wish that feeling on anyone.

That said, who wants to join us if we do it again?

See, we've been thinking.. And maybe it wasn't so bad after all? If, and I stress the "if" here, we do it, we'd need a little help from you, dear readers. Which is why I'm now presenting you with a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to

1) Say "Oh God no, please, not this crap again. Don't do it!!"

or to

2) Have a say in what the daily prompts would be this time around.

I'll list the themes we did last time for you, day by day. And for your reading and viewing pleasure, I've made them into links to the pictures I posted at the time and enclosed a helpful note so you'll know if it's worth the click or not.

1. A member of my family (Don't click, it's a picture of a cat.)
2. A favorite object (Not worth looking at, it's a picture of a stuffed toy.)
3. My addiction (I like this one, definitely worth the click.)
4. My hobby (Piano, decent picture, nothing special. Wouldn't click it if I were you.)
5. Evil (This one was kind of fun, but if you're only going to click one link, don't click this one.)
6. Green (*click click*)
7. Happiness (A tribute to my sister, click for gorgeous woman and maximum sappiness.)
8. Music (A tribute to my brother, not quite as sappy, and the photo isn't as good.)
9. Death (Wouldn't click it, not worth your time.)
10. Desire (I like this photo, it was the one of the apple.)
11. Monday (Do not click this link.)
12. Light (These are not for everyone, but I liked them.)
13. Pain (A candle and a note about the massacre in Norway last summer. No need to click, you'll only be depressed.)
14. A winter picture (It was summer. I'm not even going to include the link on this one. Worthless piece of shit photo.)
15. Love (Beautiful photo, click it!)
16. Old (The photo is nothing special, but the memories are priceless.)
17. A moment (Sunset reflected in the water. Pretty basic. Don't click.)
18. Tears (My friend's gorgeous baby boy, wondering why no one's fed him yet.)
19. Black (Nothing but a commercial for salmiakki.)
20. Different (These photos are definitely different, please click for huge colorful people-swallowing vagina.)
21. When I was young (Photo is not worth mentioning, but the story means a lot to me.)
22. Self portrait (Once again, not including a link for this one. Nothing but crap.)
23. A summer picture (Cute post about what summer is like in Finland. Very forgettable photo.)
24. Wet (Rain on the windscreen. Click if you're into that sort of thing.)
25. Dinner (Really not worth the click.)
26. Chocolate (A little chocolatey yin and yang action going on here. A decent photo.)
27. Two, a pair (Lovely photo, please do the clicking thing.)
28. Weather (Ominous-looking cloud. Nice enough, I guess.)
29. Night (Beautiful sunset. Definitely click on this one.)
30. God (Click on this one, too. Then click on the picture to make it bigger to get the full effect.)

Now, if you made it this far, please keep scrolling down just a little bit until you find the comment section. There, you can leave me a nice little comment with your suggestions for the new themes. Oh, and also let me know if you want to join in on the fun. I promise, you'll regret it. *


  1. I think my favourites of yours are God, Night and Black. I also like God, night and black, so that's extremely pleasing to me. Despite never trying  salmiakki I'm certain that I might be an addict if I tried, as I feel pangs within me.

    I'm not entirely sure I could make it every day - but I'm for the challenge, or a challenge :) I'll think of some suggestions and mail you them as my brain is currently hemorrhaging due to too many flapjacks. 

  2. Yes! Totally go for it again. I know it was a lot of work for both of you but us readers benefited in tons of great and creative pics to look at.

    I'm also totally cool with both of you doing a full month of cat pics.

  3. You picked some of my favourite photos of the lot. I'll mail you some salmiakki if you mail me a cadbury creme egg... or two... or three...

    Awesome! We'll have so much fun, I guarantee. :)

  4. I'm so glad we have your support. :) And you'll be happy to know that if things go awry, I might just have to resort to cat photos. Lots and lots of them...

  5. My finger is sore from clicking and my brain is sore from deciding whether or not to click.

    Here are my topic suggestions:

    Cat expressions.

    I like to keep it easy.  You could post the same photo for every expression....

  6. I'll play! Even though I suck at photography and I only own a pathetic point-and-click camera!!

    For themes, I suggest the opposite of what you did last time: family/stranger, favourite object/hated object, addiction/indifference, hobby/work, evil/good, green/what colour is the opposite of green?, happiness/sad, music/silence, death/life, desire/apathy, monday/friday, light/dark, pain/pleasure, winter/spring, love/hate, old/new, a moment/endless, tears/joy, black/white, different/same, when i was young/maturity, self-portrait/someone else, summer/autumn, wet/dry, dinner/breakfast, chocolate/vanilla, two, a pair/single, one, weather/um, i don't know what the opposite of weather is, night/day, God/Devil

    Or we could just do 30 days of Ziva prancing around in her underwear. Whatever.

  7. Hmmmmmm.... I might participate. Although I am not NEARLY as talented as you or MWJ when it comes to taking photos. 

  8. I enjoyed winning this competition last year, and I'll enjoy winning it again this year. Winning is fun.

    As for photo theme ideas, I like Nicky's idea fine. I also think it might be interesting to take 30 photographs of a kiwi fruit or a rubber chicken. No rules, except the picture's got to include a kiwi fruit or a rubber chicken. Or maybe both. Whatever.

  9. I want to play.  I would enjoy kicking Mike's ass.  ;)

  10. These are some truly innovative topic suggestions. We will most definitely (not) take them into consideration. ;)

  11. Yay!!! You don't need a fancy camera, you're so brilliant you could beat us all using only cheese and twigs. This is going to be so much fun!
    That's actually a really good idea for themes, I like it. We'll see if anyone comes up with something else we should add, and then decide on the final list all together.

    I'm going to assume we'll want to do a Ziva and/or Nicky prancing around in their underwear photo, do you want to come over and work on that one together?

  12. Yes, participate! I'm definitely not talented, and MWJ is mostly just lucky AND he cheats by writing sentimental posts to accompany the pictures to make people think his photos are way better than they actually are. So basically, if you can hold a camera straight and/or make up sappy stories, you'll fit in perfectly!

  13. You are so cute, if it HAD been a competition last year, I would've totally won. Just admit it. And stop making it into a competition this time around, you're scaring people away with that crazy competitive gleam in your eyes.

  14. Brilliant! Let's all kick Mike's ass.

  15. Fine, maybe you would've won. But I would've taken second place, and there's nothing wrong with second place. We don't all have to be winners. And that isn't a crazy gleam in my eye. It's just that this blog's new color scheme hurts my eyes.

  16. It can't hurt too badly, seeing as you stole it from me and are now using it yourself...

  17. Thank you for that vote of confidence, but I'm not sure I could win with cheese and twigs. It's hard to get cheese and twigs to stick to the computer screen and even when they do I'm the only one that sees them. Oh wait, you said I could BEAT you all with cheese and twigs. Maybe you weren't talking about me winning, but rather, me actually physically beating you with cheese and twigs. In which case, you've made me the happiest cheese-loving Canadian ever. And I'll be right over, camera, cheese and twigs in hand.

  18. I like cat pictures.  Couldn't you do 30 days of cat pictures?  If that's too limiting, how about 30 days of dog pictures?  Or knees?  Knees are good too.  Or hands?  Or 30 days of feet?  Foot fetish people would love that!  If I had a camera, I'd play.  But I don't so I won't.  The iPhone camera just could not complete with your and Michael's camera's.   And I'm not a good photographer.  My granddaughter Arianna is.  Look at the photo she took of Zoe!

  19. That's a very cute picture of an even cuter dog. You don't need a fantastic camera to do this, the iPhone would work just fine. ;) Sure you don't want to join? Maybe take 30 days worth of pictures of dogs playing with feet?

  20.  Actually, Ziva, although it sounds like fun, I'm really bad with a camera.  Dogs playing with feet sounds kinky.

  21. I'm in, I'm in. A picture's worth a thousand words. I wasn't feeling all that wordy any way.

  22. Fantastic! You won't regret it! (Yes, you will. But it will be fun anyway.) 

  23.  It is kinky. I can't even talk about it with Zoe looking at me like that.

  24. How about everything has to be "housebound" - you can't leave the confines of your house to take the photo?  You'd have to make your own ideas up from what you see around you and you'd have to be setting up most of the shots.  Or you use one object and you have to use that object in each of your shots in different ways...but still within the confines of your house.  You might end up being more creative than you ever thought.

  25. Awesome! I'm so glad you decided to join, I can't wait to see what you come up with. :) If you have any suggestions for themes, let me or Michael know and we'll put all the suggestions together.

  26. You know I'm expecting you to participate with your Dobson photos, right?

  27.  My "house" is a one bedroom apartment, so it would be really confining. ;) I don't know, I kind of like the idea of going outside and observing the world around us. I might really go nuts if I have to stay inside all month, trying to set up a perfect shot. ;) But of course you're welcome to challenge yourself and try to make every photo housebound. :)

  28. What the heck? What else do I have to do? Although you awesome photographers will make me want to revert back to my Brownie camera, I think this will be an agonizingly fun adventure. I say raise the bar on the quality of the photos by setting a minimum drink limit. For example, take a photo titled Birth only after you have consumed three martinis in a 30 minute prep time.  Hey, you're playing now, aren't you Linda?

  29. I'll give it a cats though.

  30. I'd like to play but I'll be out of town for half the month BUT the evil in me wants to do it and figure out how to fulfill all the themes with ONLY pictures of my cats.  Yeah, evil.

  31. I hate cats. But I'd like to see you try.  

  32. What else do you have to do? About a million things, I'd guess. ;) That said, we are very happy to have you! Little known fact: I am drunk 24/7, and my photos actually get really blurry when I don't drink.

  33. Welcome aboard! Hope you're prepared for a bumpy ride. ;)

  34. If you manage to fulfill all the themes with only pictures of your cat, I will be very, very impressed. 

  35. I only have a cell phone camera now, but I'm in...I saw Mike's blog last time you did this and it looked like fun.

  36. From last years topics, I think "green" would pose a significant challenge.  I think I could actually do the rest though!  Hmmm....

  37. Yes. Fun. That's what it is. ;) Still, we are very happy to have you join us!

  38. Everything is green. This time, we're doing white, though. Now that might be trickier..



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