Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

We’re doing a very special post this freezing Monday evening. In 70 words or less I will tell you a little something about anyone I’ve recently mentioned or am likely to mention on this blog. If you’re (un)lucky enough to find your name among the ones mentioned you should probably skip that part and go on to the next name on the list.

Zelma is my BFF. She’s mildly neurotic and a hypochondriac who somehow always fails to notice when she’s sick for real and ends up with pneumonia. She has a twisted sense of humor and still laughs her ass off when I remind her of the time we put her cat on a piece of floating wood and gave it a push out onto the swamp.

M is short for a male name beginning with the letter M. I live with him. You could almost call him my boyfriend. He knows how to reverse engineer network protocols by using packet sniffers, but couldn’t start a fire with a blowtorch.

Muschu is my younger sister. Her greatest wish in life is to have a penguin that would live in her bathtub. She doesn’t have a bathtub yet, so if she got a penguin I can only assume it would have to live in the freezer for the time being.

Sin sometimes leaves constructive and helpful comments on my posts. I went to see her in USA and I will never be the same again. She’s model gorgeous, has a slightly deranged mind and is going to be famous one day, either by writing a bunch of books or by getting arrested.

Dani is almost as short as I am, has a husband, a son, a job, a house on the way and is younger than I am. She’s singlehandedly responsible for all my oh-god-I’m-still-not-pregnant-and-I’ll-be-old-as-hell-soon guilt. It’s okay, though, I still love her.

Jonas is Dani’s husband, not pregnant, always hungry and probably doesn’t end up with a portable microwave oven when he wanted a computer.

Jenn is another wonderful friend from the USA. (I like to collect them.) She’s a librarian and possibly the only person in the entire world who reads as many books as I do. But she can hold her liquor significantly better than me.

Casey is Jenn’s husband and a great friend of mine. Last year he kicked some cancer butt (you can read about it here). He also likes to rock out while listening to music. I cannot, however, vouch for his taste in music. Yuck.

So there you are, a little who’s who of Ziva’s Inferno. You’re welcome. Any penguins you’d like to donate can be sent to Muschu. Likewise, any blowtorches you’d like to donate should not be sent to M. *


  1. Actually, I really do think I could light a fire with a blowtorch, but I honestly haven't had a chance to try. ;P

  2. Penguins are beautiful creatures! they are birds - but can't I'm human but still can't act like one...that's the same thing isn't it? You know, I feel like I have a lot incommon with them...

    Hwo told you about the penguin in the freezer btw?? I DO NOT have one in there......*whistling sound*

  3. M - ...and honey, you never will. If you would manage to start a fire using a CPU, though, then I'd be impressed.

    Muschu - Maybe you were supposed to be born a penguin? You know, I could stuff you into my freezer and see if you like it in there.

  4. Come here for Independence day and I'll teach you to use a blowtorch. They are good for lighting entire bundles of bottle rockets on fire.

    And you're cracked. I am not model gorgeous. I'm like some wild woods beast with twigs in my hair and leaves stuck to my ass.

  5. Sin - For some strange reason the thought of you with a blowtorch and bundles of bottle rockets makes me feel a little uneasy.. But mostly in a good way.



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