Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anyone Looking to Adopt?

Dani and Jonas are probably dreading the appearance of this post. When they left tonight my parting words were “I’ll write about this on my blog.” Which made Dani wonder if being friends with someone who writes a blog, and a sarcastic one at that, really is a good idea.

She hasn’t called yet to let me know we’re not friends anymore, so I can only assume she’s willing to take her chances. Which is a good thing since we had a great time. Dani and Jonas came and let their young son Adam loose in the apartment. This was immediately followed by frantic childproofing of every surface within his reach. After they left I took down the candles from the bookshelf, but I still can’t find the TV remote control.

Dani and I have been great friends since high school and M and Jonas are friends from university (I say university because telling you the truth and saying they met online would sound gay). This makes for great dynamics since M and Jonas can talk about computers and boring stuff whenever Dani and I get too girly. Which we almost never do, but still the guys always end up talking about weird computer stuff. Except they don’t call it boring stuff, they call it “business”. Weird how that works.

Amidst the business talk, I learned Jonas is buying a new computer – one tiny piece at a time. He’s going to buy a bunch of parts and then when he feels he has enough parts to make up an entire computer, he’s going to put them all together and voilà – a new computer! If I went to a store and asked for enough computer parts for an entire computer, they could sell me absolutely anything and I wouldn’t have a clue. I would come home and put it all together only to realize they sold me a portable microwave oven, complete with bicycle generator and a little Chinese kid to pedal. And M would look at me disappointedly and say something like “Sweetie, didn’t you notice something was wrong when they sold you a high frequency fixed attenuator instead of a central processing unit?” And I’d answer “Well no… The kid was weird, though.”

Anyway, we ate some cheese, we drank some wine. I gave M high blood pressure by continuously talking about house building, marriage and kids. It was a good night. *


  1. Thank you both for a great evening and if you haven't found the remote control yet - take a look in the microwave oven.

  2. Well now, that explains the smell of burnt plastic when we were using the microwave earlier... We're going to have to do that again soon, it was really great seeing you again. :)



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