Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Love for You is n - ε

M: You’re the cutest girlfriend ever.

Z: No I’m not.

M: Yes you are.

Z: But Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are also somebody’s girlfriends, and they are definitely cuter than I am.

M: Hmm.

Z: I love you.

M: I love you more.

Z: I love you most.

M: No, I love you most.

Z: But I heart you.

M: Well I heart you too.

Z: I less than three you.

M: I less than three you more.

Z: I less than three you most.

M: But I less than three you even more.

Z: You can’t do that; I already said I love you most.

M: Well in that case I love you almost, but not quite as much as you do. I love you the same amount, minus epsilon*.

Z: So basically, if my love for you were n, your love for me would be n - ε.

M: Exactly!

Z: You’re so romantic.

*In mathematics (particularly calculus), an arbitrarily small positive quantity is commonly denoted ε. *


  1. Math nerds in love--I LOVE it! :D

  2. Most people just listen to us and sigh; I like your reaction way better!

  3. I believe that's the most romantic math conversation ever!

  4. Haha! You two are just too much.

    Hubby: You're my sweetie pie.
    Me: Pie are squared. You calling me a square?
    Hubby: No. Pie are round. Cornbread are square.

    It doesn't get better than that.....when you're from the south.



  5. That was so cute. A new pop culture catchphrase: "I less than 3 you." I hope the original meaning doesn't get lost in a Trapezoid. From now on when I speak to my husband, I'm going to keep a calculator on hand. He just grunts when I ask him a question unless that was the dog.

  6. This was so adorable that I both gagged and was reminded of my calculus courses.

  7. Well, I'M a math nerd, The Husband isn't, so we will never have such cute conversations.

  8. I remember when Jepeto and I were this romantic. Ok, we were never this romantic. You two should get married or something. Maybe get some fish. Or a cat. :-)

  9. You two are the cutest ever!!!

    ...I don't know how to quantify that statement because I'm not that smart but, trust me, ya just are!!!

  10. It really doesn't get much sexier than that! I'm impressed!

  11. Well it's either that, or the most nerdy declaration of love ever. ;)

  12. A grunt is better than nothing at all. Maybe you could train him to grunt once for yes and twice for no? That might work.

  13. You know, those aren't bad ideas. We'll definitely think about it.

  14. Aww, thanks! Most of the time when we're aiming for cute we end up somewhere in the vicinity of utterly confusing, but this time I think we nailed it.

  15. I know, right. You should have heard the conversation we had over dinner the other day about how integrals are a mathematically beautiful way of determining averages over time. It turned very sappy very fast.

  16. Thank you Linda! I'm sure you and Alex are no strangers to sexy conversation..

  17. Ah, but I'll bet dessert was probably the best: those oh, so elusive chocolate covered tangents.

  18. *host* *host* *nerds* *host*...

    sorry, ja fick nåt i halsen... ;)

  19. I don't know why but your post has made me hungry. I wonder if I have some pi.

  20. mikewjattoomanymorningsApril 15, 2011 at 6:53 AM

    Seriously? This was real conversation? It's adorable! And geeky. But loveably geeky.

    I have this image of you two in bed, warming up with dirty talk:

    Z: You wish you were a circumference so you could divide my diameter and make pi.

    M: You wish you were volume so my length, width, and thickness could multiply and fill you up.

    You crazy newlyengageds!

  21. mikewjattoomanymorningsApril 15, 2011 at 6:53 AM

    Linda has really nice lemons, too.

  22. mikewjattoomanymorningsApril 15, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    And the pi-thong-korean equation.

  23. mikewjattoomanymorningsApril 15, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    I really like my wife's rhombus.

  24. *host* *host* *lögnare* *host*

  25. True love conquers all, even quadratic equations.

  26. Wow Mike, you sure know a lot about sexy mathematics.. Are you sure you're not actually a geek, cleverly disguised as a talented writer?

  27. :-) My first smile of the day! That's adorable. Even for those of us who are math-challenged.

  28. So wait - does this mean that my intimacy issues can all be traced back to failing math?

  29. Ok, Lemmikki, what's with this not posting for days, months, years on end? If I tell you I love you the mostest minus alpha or omega or whatever that was, will you come back to the blogosphere? Please?

  30. Yay, I'm happy we could make you smile!

  31. Yes, that's exactly what it means. I have good news, though; I offer private tutoring and because I like you so much, I'll even give you a (very slight) discount.

  32. I know, I know! I'm horrible at this posting thing. And this commenting thing, too, apparently. But I'm here now. Well, not really. But I'll be here tomorrow, I promise, and I'll be making my rounds again, and you will be the first on my list. I less than three you!

  33. How could I have missed this blog! It’s incredible. Your design is flawless, like you know exactly what to do to do make people flock to your page! I also like the perspective you brought to this subject. It’s like you have an insight that most people haven’t seen before. Great to read a blog like this.

  34. Tack tack, det var snällt sagt. (I'm thinking your name might suggest you know Swedish?) I'm glad you're enjoying my blog.



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