Thursday, September 10, 2009

Important Stuff Coming Right Up!

This week I’ve been really good with my exercise. On Monday I went spinning, on Tuesday I went to the gym for a light workout and yesterday I went to the gym again with my sister for a slightly less light workout. I did the thigh thing and the butt thing and the abs thing and lots of other things. It didn’t really feel that bad, but then this morning I woke up and did the screaming in agony thing. My muscles are killing me. I think they’re trying to escape my body, but someone put evil skin all around them and now they can’t get out.

I spent the entire day at work trying to ignore my screaming muscles. Oh, and working, of course. Not like I would ever spend the entire day just surfing the internet. Nope, not me.

After work I mooched dinner at my parent’s place and then set about ignoring my homework. First I volunteered to do Muschu’s homework. When she said she didn’t need any help, I tried to get her to come to the gym with me again – I thought maybe more exercise would get my muscles to shut up so it seemed like a good idea at the time. When she didn’t want to do that either, I tried to get Zelma to come out for a walk with me, but she was busy doing important stuff. This made me feel a little depressed cause I didn’t have any important stuff that needed doing. (Except my horribly slightly overdue Bachelor’s thesis, but I usually file that under torture, not important stuff.)

Anyway, since M was doing the karate thing tonight I finally just gave up and did laundry instead. It was a thrilling night. I’m off to bed now. You know why? Because tomorrow I have some real honest-to-god important stuff to do. Yay! *

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  1. Hej vill du komma o gymma idag? :)
    Jag sku kanske va klar...ja menar att mina ben sku kanske klarar av att gå igen.

    ...och samma på engelska...



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